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As someone who cannot live without music or constantly playing a song in my head, I decided to share a few albums that I think should be listened to. I primarily listen to alternative, indie, pop, rock, that sort of style. These are just a few of my favorites and I suggest you give these a listen if you’re craving something new and exciting. This is not an analysis of each album, this is more of a ‘why you might like this’ sort of list. Put on your headphones and enjoy some new music!

How To Be A Human Being by Glass Animals

I first listened to this song because someone I know told me to listen to it, and I love a good album recommendation. It was also given to me at 2 am and I wanted new music. Released in 2016, this album varies from weird alternative music with some dark and intense lyrics, but it’s a late-night album. One you listen to when you can’t sleep and need something that will send you on a mental journey. I love an artist who can make ‘weird’ sounds or rhythms in their music, things that are unique and different. If a song can rope me in after only a few seconds, I know it’s a good song. My favorite song on the album is ‘Life Itself.’

Zeros by Declan McKenna

My roommate loves Declan McKenna, and when his new album came out, she said I needed to listen to it. So, I did and the mental adventure I went on, I got lost a few times while listening to his songs. I was home taking down Christmas decorations and I played his album and continued to listen to only this album for the next two weeks. McKenna got me hooked on his loud and in-your-face tunes with lyrics that made me want to learn the lyrics so I could scream-sing with him. It’s an album to listen to on a road trip to go on an epic adventure, this will pump you up for it. My favorite song is ‘Key to Life on Earth.’


One of my favorite bands, I love them so much and their debut album came out in September. Strange, unusual, loud, intense, ear-melting beauty. I might be a little biased, but this album is amazing. A two-man band, I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME, or IDKHOW for short, created a brilliant compilation of songs that range from falling in love to overdosing on sugar pills. Their sound is unlike anything I have heard before and each song has its own aspect that brings in the listener. Even their EPs and singles are good, not on the album, so there is plenty of new listening content waiting for you. My favorite song is ‘Kiss Goodnight.’

Froot by MARINA

My favorite singer, and my favorite album of hers. Previously ‘Marina and the Diamonds,’ and not just MARINA, she has 4 albums released, and this one, to me, is the best and has my favorite songs. Most of them are break-up songs or songs about discovering who you are and loving that person. Others are about human struggles and others are about fixing a relationship. Her music is full of life and fun, easy to get lost in. Also, she is planning her fifth album, so better start now and hear all her emotion-filled lyrics and dancing with no one around now. My favorite song is ‘Gold.’

The New Abnormal by The Strokes

After seeing their performance on SNL in October playing a new song from their album, I had to hear the rest. As a fan of their older albums, I was so excited to discover a new sound from them. You can catch a glimpse at the same Strokes, but there is something new in this album that makes it the most captivating to me. Maybe it’s the constant changing of the beat throughout some songs, the loud lyrics, or the singer’s low voice. My favorite song is ‘The Adults are Talking.’

I hope you have found a new band to listen to because discovering music is something exciting and unlike any feeling I get when I hear a new song. With so many albums being released every week, there is an unlimited supply of new songs, you just have to find them.

Christy Bogan

Stonehill '23

Hey, I'm Christy and I am an English major at Stonehill College. I am from Fall River, Massachusetts. I love to read science fiction books and write short stories.
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