4 Ways to Hype Up Your Fall Like Twitter Does

After five minutes of scrolling through Twitter, the amount of fall and Halloween bucket lists make me feel so excited for fall. Below are some ways to make the most of it this year!

1. Make Time: Get your priorities out of the way so you do have time to watch “Hocus Pocus” or “Halloween Town” with your friends. If you have a ton of homework, try to get it all done during the day and in between classes instead of napping the day away and saving all your work for the night. That way, you’ll be less stressed and have time to make some warm Halloween sugar cookies and unwind to your favorite fall movie.

2. Get Outside: Grab some friends or your significant other and go pumpkin picking, apple picking, or a hike! One great local spot is Langwater Farm just about a mile off campus or C.N. Smith Farm about 20 minutes away. Who doesn’t love corn mazes, picking apples and pumpkins, drinking hot apple cider, and eating warm apple cider donuts? Also hiking is great during this time of year with the beautiful fall foliage; it’s great exercise and a perfect photo op!

3. Style: Fall style is my absolute favorite; flannels, cozy sweaters, and vests are just some of the cute trendy clothes of the season. Also, the rustic color schemes of fall look stylish with any pair of jeans or leggings. Cute booties and a scarf can spice up any regular look. Now is the time to dress to impress before winter comes and you have to bundle up!

4. Sleep: Nothing beats sleeping in fall. No more sweating out your entire body weight when you sleep, you can actually be cozy, and this makes for the perfect night sleep or even just an afternoon nap. The cooler weather and less daylight make it so much harder to get out of bed!