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17 Things ALL Tall Girls Will Understand

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Stonehill chapter.

1.     People telling you that you are tall.


OMG awkward!! I thought you were just really short, thanks for telling me!


2.     People asking you if you play basketball.

If I had a penny for every time someone told me this I would be VERY rich. Just because someone is tall doesn’t mean they are athletic! Say no to stereotyping next time!


3.     Wearing heels


I don’t know about you but I look like Zdeno Chara when I wear heels. I always need to bring a few tissues to wipe my tears when I go to a shoe store and have to walk by all of the cute heels that I will never be able to wear, unless I end up marrying Chara himself.

4.     Trying to sit at a desk, or in a car, or on a plane, or basically anywhere.


Always a struggle trying to fit in small places when you are a tall girl, especially at a desk (I have probably not been able to cross my legs under a table since the 6th grade), or in a car/plane. Don’t ever try to call shotgun when you are with a tall girl because it is just not going to happen, we need our leg room!!


5.     Wearing Rompers


So cute and trendy on normal sized people, but when a tall girl wears one they end up looking like a giant cameltoe. Ugh.


6.     Trying to find jeans that don’t look like cropped jeans


I would compare trying to find jeans long enough for tall girls to trying to take a chemistry test in Chinese…impossible. Bring on the floods!!


7.     Standing up in a bathroom stall


**awkward eye contact with stranger** Oh, Hey there!! How was your pee? Mine was awesome! 


8.     Being the designated selfie taker


Before we had selfie sticks, we had tall girls with long arms. Tall girls get ready for your close-ups, while everyone else in the back gets to look pretty and normal!


9.     Taking pictures with your short friends


Lets face it, all your friends are short, which means you probably hate taking pictures as much as I do, which is a LOT. Doesn’t even matter if you look hot, you probably still look like you belong in a zoo with the rest of the giraffes.


10.  People asking you how tall you are


6 inches closer to heaven than you are ;)


11.   Trying to wash your hair when the showerhead is too small


Don’t count on getting that shampoo and conditioner out of your hair, like ever!! Honestly, I think I have had a few undiagnosed concussions from hitting the showerhead trying to get the shampoo out of my hair. :/


12.  Getting hugs from people that are shorter than you


Face meet boobs, literally. This can get very awkward.


13.   When people under 5’10 complain about being tall


Sorry not sorry, 5’8 is not even that tall, please consider yourself lucky! I once had an uber driver tell me his daughter was very upset about the fact that she was 5’8”, I was like CMON do you even know who you are talking to? I would literally sell a kidney if I could be that tall.


14.  People asking you to get things of shelves for them


Look, if you are not 60+, get a ladder and get it yourself.


15.   Being told you should model


I would, but im overweight and ugly, and definitely exceed the normal height for a model. Otherwise I would!


16.   Wearing a crop top or dress


Crop tops fit us like bralettes and most dresses fit us like shirts. Nice!


17.   Finding boys to date


More like hunt** because lets be honest there are more polar bears on this earth than single tall guys. It’s either you see a cute guy and then realize his height starts with the dreaded 5” or you find a boy taller than you AND he is with a short girl :/ (I would rather you just spit in my face)



Okay, okay, so being tall can be annoying and awkward at times, but cmon being tall is the shit!! And don’t forget; if your life is miserable in a few years, you can always make a tv show about being a giant!!! Then you will be rich AND closer to heaven, what more could you want?