10 Things You'll Miss About Stonehill When You Go Abroad


1. Your pals - sometimes all you want to do is sit in a dirty, smelly common room and listen to your housemates talk about ridiculous thins instead of doing homework

2. The meal plan - nothing beats walking 3 minutes away from your bed, swiping your Hillcard and getting a hot meal.

3. The short walk to class - After you walk a mile up hill to class you'll remember the good ol days when the walk to the science center seemed far. 

4. Courts parties - there is something special about standing in a tight dark space with 100 of your closest friends yelling the words to Lips of an Angel three times a night. 

5. Robbie - No matter what kind of day you're having, when Robbie wraps your sandwich and smiles your whole day is turned around. 

6. The spoco - a "free" gym is a great gym.

7. Owens/Mariachis - okay so you don't really miss these ones that much, but you'll miss them enough. 

8. Chipotle being 10 minutes away. 

9. Living with 24 of your closest friends - the only time in your life (hopefully) you'll get to share a shitty house with your besties!!!!

10. Saying hi to everyone you pass - smiling at the people you pass on your way to class everyday whether or not you even know them is pretty cool and it's definitly not something that everyone else in the world does.