10 Food Items You NEED to Have for the Best Charcuterie Board

You really can put anything on a board and call it charcuterie, but here are some popular must-haves to make any picnic, date night, or family dinner delicious. 


  1. Different kinds of cheese: brie, cheddar, goat, manchego, mozzarella, blue cheese 

  2. Different kinds of cured meats: prosciutto, salami, ham

  3. Fruits: strawberries, grapes (green and/or red), raspberries

  4. Dried fruits and nuts: dried apricots, dates, almonds, pistachios 

  5. Olives, pickles

  6. Different dips: fig jam, honey, pesto, mustard, pepper jelly, garlic aioli 

  7. Crackers, bread, breadsticks, pretzels

  8. Vegetables: carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, roasted red bell peppers

  9. Chocolate: chocolate covered fruits and nuts

  10. Garnish: fresh herbs, edible flowers


Try getting creative with it! Focus on different colors, textures, and flavors for a picture-perfect board.