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What to Expect From the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Stockton chapter.

Well it’s officially that time of year again and I think most of us are more than ready to see the Victoria’s Secret Angels on the runway in Paris this year tearing away from the usual venue of New York City! Its been months now of social media teasers of wing designs and models being confirmed. Now that the show has been taped it’s oficially time to freak out. With the day approaching, I decided to cover what we can most definitely expect to see this year on the runway.

Jasmine Tookes’ Fantasy Bra:

The fantasy bra is a multi-million dollar bra worn by one lucky Angel on the runway, usually gifted to the most popular Angel at the moment. This year the beautiful Jasmine Tookes will strut the runway wearing underwear more expensive than the total amount of money most of us are going to possess in our life time. The fantasy bra this year has 9,000 gemstones and took 700 hours to make, amounting at $3 million!

Sister Act on the runway:

Much anticipated Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid will in fact be on the VS runway together for the first time this year putting all of us Hadid fans deep in our feels. Gigi said in a Victoria’s Secret short that she’s excited to share this experience with her sister giving her the advice to just be herself on the runway.

The Weeknd and Bella Hadid reunion:

With rumors spinning of a breakup, I’m ready to see the chemistry on the runway. Seeing your ex while you’re on a runway in Paris wearing lingerie more expensive than a rent check is the ultimate payback goal. 

Missing Candice and Behati:

Two of the most well known Angels, and most sought after models in the industry, Candice Swanepoel and Behati Prinsloo, will be missing from this year’s show due to their newborns. However, you can expect to see them in 2017 because both Angels confirmed they’re returning for another year of fun. 

Kendall Jenner Returns:

Yes, it’s true. Kendall is returning for her second year walking in the fashion show and it’s clear she fits right in. 

Don’t forget to tune in to CBS on December 5th at 10pm to see what other surprises VS has in store this year!

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My name is California Watson and I'm a Junior at Stockton University. I grew up in Galloway and love where I live! I have a strong interest in fashion, modeling, and hopefully one day living in New York City. I have a HUGE Taylor Swift obsession and love going to the beach and reading in my free tim.