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Top 5 Best Fairy Tales Made Into Movies

In honor of National “Tell a Fairy Tale Day” happening on February 26th, I found it fitting to do a countdown of the top 5 best fairy tales, most by The Brothers Grimm, that were made into movies! Let’s do it!

5. Little Red Riding Hood (Hoodwinked)

For this one, I’m definitely going with my favorite rendition! Hoodwinked is an animated film that takes a twist! Someone has been stealing all of the sweets from the town! *cue gasps* And little Red is more than just an innocent little girl – she’s got some secret kung-fu moves under her sleeves! This is a humorous rendition of a tale we all know and love will take you on a twist!

4. Sleeping Beauty (Sleeping Beauty)

Ahh, the classic Sleeping Beauty! Disney has graced us all with the gift of animating the film and melting all of our hearts. Sleeping Beauty is a classic film that makes us all wish we could sleep forever and have a prince wake us with a kiss. Sigh…

3. Snow White (Snow White & the Huntsman)

They’ve taken the always popular Disney princess Snow White and given her a makeover. In this film, Snow White is to be killed by a huntsman, but she ends up joining forces with him and plans to kill the Evil Queen. It’s a major switch from the Disney film where she’s surrounded by happy animals and dwarfs! Check it out!

2. Cinderella (Cinderella 2015)

Of course, Disney has done this one but the more recent version of Cinderella definitely melts my heart! It’s the same story but made in 2015 so instead of being obsessed with the cartoon Prince Charming, you can swoon over a real adaptation of one. You’re welcome.

1. Rapunzel (Tangled)

My favorite rendition of all time! Tangled is such a feel good movie with a great soundtrack and awesome hair-swinging. (literally) It’s one of those movies where you watch it once and want to watch it again because it made you that happy! Tangled is love, Tangled is life.

That’s all for this little list! What’s your favorite fairy tale or even favorite movie based off of a fairy tale? Watching any of these movies on February 26th would be the perfect way to celebrate National “Tell a Fairy Tale Day!”

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