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Sarah Eddy ‘18

Sarah Eddy, from Branchville, NJ, is a nineteen-year-old sophomore social work major with a Spanish minor at Stockton! She’s one of the bright-eyed student workers in the School of Arts and Humanities.

She’s currently in a relationship and lives on campus. She’s the secretary for SVVG which is a Stockton run club for vegans. Her go-to drink is water and she’s a lover of breakfast foods; if she doesn’t have either of those, her day isn’t functioning right.

In her free time and when the weather is nice, she likes to fly kites and blow bubbles! Her favorite Jonas Brother is the lead singer of DNCE, Joe. (Fun fact: They all like to visit restaurants and shops near her home!)

When asked about her final thoughts, she wanted me to let the Her Campus readers know that she is currently hungry and looking forward to summer!

I'm a music-loving, afro-rocking, soul-searching, wanna-be adult that probably spends too much time on the internet. I think a good lipstick is the key to running the world and tea can solve any issues. Writing is the answer to all my problems. Follow my twitter @naijxsia!
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