Rainy Day Campus Fashion

So you wake up - look outside the window of your dorm or apartment, and it’s raining. Immediately, you put back the really cute outfit you planned the night before. Let’s get real, when you live on campus and have to walk to your classes, or to work in the rain, you want the most functional and warm rainy outfit possible.This is especially true at Stockton, where a large percentage of our campus is soil, grass, and mud and mini rivers are just about everywhere.  So, if you have no idea what rainy day clothing and accessory staples you could and should have in your dorm or bedroom, here are a few options that will save your day!

Don’t let it rain on your parade, or on your freshly straightened hair. Ladies, rainy days are the perfect excuse to have lazy hair days. Why would you want to spend hours on curling or straightening your hair when it is probably just going to get rained on anyway? A great rainy day hair style is a “messy” bun, and it can be done in a very quick manner right before class! Start off with brushing your hair and then putting your hair into a high ponytail. Next, take your ponytail and twist it into a bun however tight or loose you prefer; grab another hair tie and wrap it around the bun you just made.

                                                                                                                         (Courtesy: Pinterest) 

However, if you are someone who won’t let a little precipitation ruin your amazing hair, then this brings me to my next point: rain jackets and umbrellas! Any umbrella is efficient, but one of my favorite styles of umbrellas is the bubble umbrella! You can get a bubble umbrella at pretty much any department store. Most bubble umbrellas are clear too so you can engulf yourself in the “bubble” and still see where you’re walking! Here's one from Kohl's. 

                                                                                                                    (Courtesy: Kohl's) 

I would also recommend getting a rain jacket that is long and can cover most of your outfit. The North Face and Colombia make some really great quality rain jackets, but I got mine off of Amazon! Last but not least, rain boots. With all of the mud and puddles everywhere, rain boots could save your life and also save a pair of shoes that could have been potentially ruined by the water. Rain boots also give you room for creative expression – you could have the funkiest looking pair of boots but they would still be cute and practical! Or, if you aren’t for standing out, basic black rain boots work too! Target has really cute and inexpensive styles of rain boots. 

                                                                                                                                (Courtesy: Target) 

There you have it! Although I just gave information you probably already know you need, take my advice and order yourself a pair of each for the upcoming rainy week at Stockton!