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President of NAACP Jodie Davis ‘18

Jodie is a junior, Biochemistry major at Stockton! She’s from Jersey City, NJ and plans to go to Medical School when she graduates. (You go girl!)

Her favorite Jonas Brother is Nick (obviously) and favorite One Direction member is Zayn. (We forgive you for making that mistake, Jodie.) In her free time, Jodie, likes to sleep and watch Netflix as well as bowl and play tennis. It depends on her mood!

She’s excited, this year, for events that the NAACP is putting on (She’s the president) as well as the Office of Student Learning. Jodie is a free spirited, kind hearted person so if you see her around on campus, say hello!

Jodie’s favorite quote is “Every day may not be good, but there’s good in every day,” Which sums up how she takes on life.

I'm a music-loving, afro-rocking, soul-searching, wanna-be adult that probably spends too much time on the internet. I think a good lipstick is the key to running the world and tea can solve any issues. Writing is the answer to all my problems. Follow my twitter @naijxsia!
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