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How Stockton Could Change Atlantic City

In fall of 2018 it is projected that the Stockton University Atlantic City campus will be complete. Though this plan was jump started in the past and failed, I still see this as an opportunity for growth, change and of course: a lot of distinction. In recent years, Atlantic City has had trouble bringing in as many visitors as it once did; resulting in a lack of tourism revenue and a lot of locals out of a job with the numerous casino closings. Since Atlantic City has become notorious as dying city and Stockton University has been growing a mile a minute every year, I think the two would make a good match.

Welcomed with open arms by the neighborhood of Chelsea, Stockton’s island campus will be located at the intersection of Atlantic, Albany and Pacific avenues – with the view of the beach. It will include a student center, new offices for South Jersey Gas and an academic building for 1,800 students.

                                                                                                        (Courtesy: Stockton University)

I think Stockton University having an alternative campus on the island would not only create a new atmosphere bringing new groups of people in, but also positively contribute to the economy of the city. Students can shop, go out to eat and those who are of age, may partake as guests of the remaining local casinos. Through growth and expansion of a University on the rise we can make a city come alive again.

With Atlantic City straying away from its old timey casino vibe and having a college town feel now more than ever, I think this will appeal to a younger generation and bring a lot more revenue into the city. With the livelihood of the city seeming alive again this also proposes as a good marketing tool to bring people from all over to the east coast as it did years ago. Stockton University’s Atlantic City campus will not only benefit the University, but also aid the dying city that once was a monumental part of South Jersey.

My name is California Watson and I'm a Junior at Stockton University. I grew up in Galloway and love where I live! I have a strong interest in fashion, modeling, and hopefully one day living in New York City. I have a HUGE Taylor Swift obsession and love going to the beach and reading in my free tim.
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