Going Home For the Holidays as Told by Bob's Burgers

As the holidays quickly approach us, we begin to think of what's to come. We think of the many ways to get out of going to a holiday party so we can watch Netflix or how to fit all of the holiday food in our stomachs. Whatever it may be, we can all relate to what it's like to go home for the holidays especially when it's told by one of the best families: the Belchers.

When you have to see family that you may or may not like

In every family, there's always that one person that you may not like seeing. Whether it's the annoying little cousin that won't stop asking to play games on your phone or your great aunt telling you how much weight you've gained, you try to live through it.  

When you have to sit through one of your grandparent's lectures that starts off with “When I was your age...”

There’s always that one grandparent that will tell you how you’re actually ruining your life. They'll tell you how they didn't have telephones back in the day when you try to text your friend or they'll start lecturing on how they actually had to talk to people face to face.  

When you run into people from your high school at the grocery store

There's a chance, when you’re forced to go to the grocery store, you''ll end up running into someone you haven’t talked to since high school. The awkward “hi’s” and “how are you's” are bound to bring back cringe-worthy memories.

Eating all of the food in your fridge

One of the best parts about going home is that you don’t have to buy any food. You come home and the fridge is stocked up to its rim. You can basically eat everything and your parents wont mind.

When your parents drag you to a holiday party

After working your butt off at school, all you’re going to want to do is just to sit and relax at home. As you’re about to sit down and watch some Netflix, your parents tell you that you have to go to a holiday party. And here is where I decide to curl myself into a blanket ball.

So, whatever holiday you're celebrating, remember to have a good time and make lots of memories!

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