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#FreeKesha Surfaces by Enraged Internet as Judge Denies Singer’s Request for Release From Label

Friday’s ruling of Kesha Rose Serbet’s case left the internet in rage as a fleet of questions using the hashtag #FreeKesha began trending on Twitter and Facebook. The hashtag contained tweets including those from myself as well as Stockton University sophomore Allie Baer who tweeted “I’m so infuriated with the ruling of @KeshaRose’s case.” “Royals” singer Lorde took to tweeting: “Standing with @KeshaRose through this traumatic, deeply unfair time. Send good vibes her way everyone” on the matter. The case, for those who don’t know, was intended to free Kesha of her contract with Sony and producer Dr. Luke the latter whom the “Tik Tok” singer claimed drugged and raped her at the age of 18. The judge ruled that Kesha is still bound by her contract that requires her to produce six more albums under her abuser’s label, Sony. This has also led to the creation of a #SonySupportsRape hashtag trending which will most likely deteriorate the brand.
An emotional Kesha crying in the courtroom shows heartbreak as the judge ruled against her favor.
I have friends who unfortunately have been victims of sexual assault and I understand how difficult it is for them to finally come forward and express their situation. Of course with that, often comes the doubt of others. As fellow pop singer Lady Gaga once said, “Are we going to take the power away from the people? So when you say something happened to you, we will let the government decide if it happened or not? I don’t want to live in a country where the government decides if you were raped or not.” It is so wrong that once someone finally gains the strength to speak up against their abuser, they are immediately the one that comes once again under attack. A firing line of questions soon appears and the integrity of their voice is all too commonly doubted. 
While many of Kesha’s lyrics discuss the drinking and partying lifestyle – which makes her stand apart as a bold female artist – she should not be penalized or have her character questioned because of this. Claiming that Kesha is deemed a “slut” based on the lyrics of her songs and that she deserves to have been sexually assaulted is wrong too. It’s no different than deeming that a girl was “asking for it” because her skirt is short. I have always given Kesha kudos for having the guts to distinguish herself as a female artist and sing about this taboo lifestyle. Regardless of a woman’s profession, she should never be blamed for an assault on her. 
Kesha in tears leaving the courthouse.
It is appalling that even though Dr. Luke has not been found guilty of Kesha’s claims, she is unable to exit her contract while we have seen many other artists be released from theirs. Chris Brown violently attacked a woman and his career still remains intact. More recently, Zayn Malik was freed from his contract as a part of One Direction simply because he was unhappy with the group and wanted to pursue his solo career. Perhaps, an obvious observation of these instances is that they are both male. Which leads me to question the integrity of the US legal system – are women still being treated unfairly when compared to men? Why is it that a guilty attacker can beat another female artist, yet can continue to produce music without limitations, but a female artist who claims to have been drugged and sexually assaulted is stuck in an unfair position? It is outrageous that some are all too concerned with making money over the safety of those who have finally gained the courage to speak up. I suppose money really does speak louder than words. Yet again this is another case of a powerful man with money taking advantage of a situation and diminishing the light of a talented young woman; a case seen all too often these days. 
Ultimately, I am disgusted to see a woman being forced to remain under the power of her alleged abuser and I am sickened by the complete disregard of the legal system in releasing a woman from a man whom she has expressed she does not feel safe with. I hope that Kesha will soon receive the freedom she seeks and deserves and will return to producing her music on her own terms again. Until then Kesha, I will be “Thinking Of You.”
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