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The Best Online Retailers for Fashionable College Students

Being a fashionable college student can be a challenge. Balancing school with work and a social life is difficult enough, but trying to dress half-decent can be a major struggle when you: 1. Don’t have the time, and 2. Don’t have the money.

As a fashionista on a student budget, I’ve found the best online retailers with the cutest and most affordable clothes out there!

1. Missguided

(Courtesy: Missguided)

You may have heard of Missguided if you’re familiar with YouTube beauty gurus or online shopping. The brand constantly has collaborations with stars like Carli Bybel and Amber Rose. The site has super affordable clothing and their quality is some of the best I’ve ever come across. But wait, it gets so much better! They always give student discounts. Usually ranging from 20% to 50% off and they frequently offer free shipping. Make an account and add your name on the email list to be notified when they are having sales. You won’t ever have to pay full price again!

2. Boohoo

(Courtesy: Boohoo)

Much like Missguided, Boohoo sells trendy clothes for a cheap price. They have a 50% off everything sale once in awhile, and if you’re on their emailing list, you’ll never pay full price for anything on their site. They also sell men’s and kids clothes too! So if you’re ever in need of a gift, it’s a reasonably priced place to shop online.

3. Forever 21

(Courtesy: Forever 21)

I know. The dreaded retail chain that does everything except impress us while in store shopping. BUT! You’d be surprised by their online shopping experience. If it’s your first time shopping with them online, they give you a 10% off credit for any purchase. Since the norm is free shipping on $50 and over, I’d wait until you need to splurge a bit and hit that $50 because let’s face it, no one likes to pay for shipping. I managed to get 3 graphic tees, a bodysuit, and 5 chokers for $50 which I was super excited about. The only downside about this company is that there are no refunds. If you want to return something, you only get store credit.  Another cool thing that they have is BOGO free a few times a year, which for a retail chain like them is HUGE.

4. Tobi

(Courtesy: Tobi)

I’ve shopped this website before, and although I wasn’t super impressed, they do have really good deals and the quality is on point. The sweater dress I bought ended up being a sweater cropped top, but I guess it was an honest mistake. They also have 50% off sitewide sales and the occasional “all dresses $25 and under” deals where you can snag a few formal dresses for cheap. Regular prices are a bit out of budget so I would recommend waiting until they have a big sale. Trust me, that super cute sweater you want will be there next week & probably will even be on sale.

Happy shopping, collegiettes!

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