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9 Signs You’re Already in the Fall Spirit

It’s that awkward time of the year where if you have an 8:30 am class, you leave the house dressed in a hoodie, jacket, and scarf only to peel off these layers 3 hours later as the sun continues its ascent on campus. This battle means that Fall is officially upon us and besides the change in temperature, there’s many other ways to know you’re in the spirit of fall.

1. Pumpkins

(Courtesy: Tamsin North)

Pumpkin spice, pumpkin seeds and pumpkin pie! Fall’s all about it and you know you can’t resist a pumpkin spice latte before class.

2. Costumes

Fall means Halloween and that means costumes! You’ve been thinking about what you’d be since last Halloween and the time has arrived.

3. Candy

(Courtesy: USAToday.com)

This does include that of the corn variety! Candy is such a staple in the Fall season and definitely a must have if you want to ease into the spirit.

4. Parties

(Courtesy: WTAE.com)

Halloween parties are, arguably, the best type of parties. You get to have fun with your friends and be a little daring as you become someone else for a night.

5. Clothing

(Courtesy: Pretty Designs)

Sweaters and scarves are out to play again! Grab your old boots and tights and head outside in the comfort of fall clothing.

6. Warm Drinks

(Courtesy: The Redwood Bank)

Hot Chocolate! It’s the time to take advantage of these warm drinks while we have them. Whatever your preference, try getting it hot next time; it’ll warm your heart and spirits.

7. TV Shows

All of the shows that we gave up last spring are back and have all the more plot-twists and heart-wrenching scenes that leave us wanting more. Now’s your time to get back into them!

8. Food

(Courtesy: New York Magazine)

Nothing says Fall like comfort food. Bring on the chili and tomato soup. Fall also means that there’s close to no time until Thanksgiving!

9. Leaves

(Courtesy: Design and Illustration – Tuts)

They’re falling and changing and becoming beautiful colors! Stockton is such a great place to watch the leaves change during this season because we’re surrounded by trees.

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