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9 Productive Ways to Spend Spring Break

1. Visit Old Friends

It has been a long two months without all of your high school friends! Spring break is the perfect time to get together and talk in person about your semester so far. Whether that means stuffing your faces at your old favorite hangout or traveling to that one spot you’d always talked about, it’s always great to be surrounded by friends and just enjoy each other’s company!

2. Do Some Writing

All my writer friends, rejoice! Spring break means an entire week free to catch up on some good old fashioned writing. Maybe your blog hasn’t been updated since Winter Break (guilty!) or you’ve written down all these great ideas for a story but haven’t started it yet. This is your time to shine. You have an entire week to get some of your thoughts onto paper – take advantage of it!

3. Get Organized

This is one of the big ones. During the semester, you write down in your planner everything you need to get done, whether it be for the day or the week but, the fast paced days of college always mean that some things may not be done that day. Spring break means that you are able to sit down and plan out the rest of the semester. Write down those important dates for April and plan your study times. It’s great because you already know what your days are like and can plan around them!

4. Read a Book

I practically cry when I get to the end of the day and realize I haven’t read anything but, I know not everyone is like me. Spring break is the perfect opportunity to crack open that awesome memoir that your professor mentioned in class or continue reading that cool novel all your friends have been raving about! Plus, there’s nothing like the satisfaction of closing a book in your hand after you’ve finished it.

5. Give Back

Local libraries and organizations are always looking for people to lend a helping hand! Check the internet and go give your time. Participating in book drives or reading to the younger students in your area is great for you and them. Participating in community service is an excellent way to be productive and do good by the people in your town.

6. Travel Locally

My home town is very close to New York City! Any chance I get, I love to go and visit the city and see what else I can do that’s fun and I haven’t tried. If this is you, grab a friend or go alone and do something fun and available. It may be trying out the cute little lattes from a famous coffee shop (Make sure you Instagram it!) or singing karaoke. If you like it and it’s making you feel productive, go for it!

7. Road Trip

The wanderlust is always tremendously real. Road trips are the ultimate bonding experience (even if you’re by yourself) and provide a clear mind. Look up a place that’s a little farther away than usual and adventure. It doesn’t matter who you take as long as you’re having fun and making the most of the trip, it’ll be your best decision yet.

8. Catch up on some Zzz’s

This is probably the best one for all of us! It may seem like sleeping isn’t productive but the long days of classes, meetings, and socializing has left less sleep in your body than usual. The week off leaves you with loads of time to catch up on some sleep. Happy napping!

9. Get Ahead

You have the syllabus! This is a great time for you to get ahead in your classes. Read a couple of chapters before you should get back or complete those worksheets that you see are due next week. It’ll make you feel even more prepared when you come back to school and you’ll have a lot more free time!


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