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5 Signs You’re a Chocoholic

If you’re like me, then you know that the only thing getting you through the long and stressful days of class and work is chocolate. I need to drink a cup of hot cocoa or at the very least take a bite of some dark chocolate (with sea salt and almonds) to set my mind at ease. I’m a chocoholic and here’s why you are too:

1. You consume it every day.

Hot chocolate goes great with your muffin and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

2. You don’t discriminate. To you, chocolate is chocolate.

Chocolate cookie, chocolate cake, chocolate chips. You like them all equally and appreciate them in all forms.

3. You get angry when someone else eats from your personal supply.

It’s chocolate, bought specifically for me. Don’t touch it.

4. Charlie was living your dream in the Chocolate Factory.

Chocolate river?! Yes please!

5. Everyone knows that’s how to cheer you up

“Want some chocolate?” Are your three favorite words.

Don’t be afraid to embrace the chocoholic in you. A guilty pleasure or a not-so-guilty one; Chocolate has never let me down before and I don’t think it ever will. Celebrate National Chocolate Day by grabbing your favorite and sharing with your friends.

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