15 Reasons to be Pumped for the New "Beauty and the Beast" Trailer

Like many Disney fans, I admit that I was highly skeptical about the new live action version of Beauty and the Beast. The first teaser was beautiful, no doubt. It eased my worries and fears that this movie would not be up to standard. I may or may not have cried tears of joy over how beautiful the effects looked and how stunning Emma Watson was. On November 14th, the newest trailer was released, and it is gold. It's just as perfect as the teaser, but gives you a better look into the reimagined world of the Disney classic. Here are 15 reasons you should be pumped for the new trailer:

1. The opening credit's castle is not Cinderella’s, but The Beast’s

2. Inside the castle looks stunning

3. Emma Watson as Belle. Enough said.

4. Watching and rewatching the part when Belle first meets the Beast, played by Dan Stevens.

5. The special effects. Enough said.

6. The fact that Gandalf is the voice of Cogsworth.

7. The way the Beast savagely comes in and saves Belle from those nasty wolves.


9. Gaston, played by Luke Evans, pumping everyone up to kill the Beast in the hottest way possible.



12. Belle's famous dress revamped

13. Belle’s cry out to the Beast when he is about to fall off the tower.

14. The epic action sequence showing the important snapshots from the film. YESSS!!!


You can watch the trailer here to see all the magic. Make sure to be their guest on March 17th, 2017. I’ll see you there!

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