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11 Struggles Only Students Who Longboard to Class Understand

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Stockton chapter.

All college students know the struggle of needing to get to class on time. Everyday, us brave Longboarders ride our way through the tangled clumps of people and open our arms (both metaphorically and physically) to the bumpy pathways on campus. Most days, we can ride with ease and have no troubles at all. The other portion of the time, you will find us facedown on the ground outside the Campus Center. Here are just some of the many struggles that every student who takes the long and painful journey to class on a longboard endures.

1) That terrible moment when you want to ride your new board to class, but it’s raining outside.

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2) That sucky moment when wet leaves get stuck to your wheels.

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3) Trying to hang onto your friends’ backpacks, but they sabotage your free ride and you fall.

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4) That horrible moment when you’re riding your board and approach a massive crowd of students and faculty.

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5) When you fall off your board in front of people and pretend you’re okay.

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6) But really every inch of you is in pain.

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7) When you try to ride down the hill behind the Library and you lose total control.

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8) When you’re doing fine on your board and then a random rock ruins the day.

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9) When the sidewalks and roadways desperately need to be re-paved and you just accept that the ground has become your new best friend.

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10) And you have to convince yourself that all of the falling and bruising is worth it.

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11) Because at the end of the day, riding your board around Stockton is fun and you refuse to stop despite your parents telling you to.

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