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10 Women That Have Changed My Life

As we come to the end of Women’s History Month, it’s important to remember the women that aren’t immediately in your life but have had a significant impact. Women, since the beginning of time, have been doing great things that inspire people to do great things, too. Here’s a roundup of 10 of the great women that have changed my life! (In no particular order because life changing isn’t a competition.)

10. Maya Angelou

The woman of all women – a phenomenal one at that. Maya Angelou has been involved in my life since I can remember and even as I enter my 20s, her name is still relevant and her works continue to inspire and invigorate my forever changing mind.

9. Leigh-Anne Pinnock

For about a year, I was an adamant girl group hater. I had something against it for some unknown reason after Destiny’s Child. Then, Little Mix came into my life and I haven’t been the same since. Looking at the brown girl in the group that held her own, dressed super cool, and was genuinely happy to be performing made me want to do great things, even if I can’t sing.

8. Halsey

Ashley Frangipane. When I first came in contact with Halsey, I was instantly hooked. Her lyrics were more complex than anything I had been listening to and she was outspoken about issues that mattered to her which in turn mattered to me. Also, it didn’t hurt that she was from New Jersey and I could flaunt my Jersey pride while jamming.

7. Madame C.J. Walker

A literal icon. I’ve known of Madame C.J. Walker my entire life and upbringing. It was important to embrace my culture and the people in it that have made so many opportunities for me. Her determination and success are something I strive for on a regular basis.

6. Normani Kordei

Another one! Since the first time I saw her, I knew I would like her. She’s down to earth and really good at what she does. She makes me want to do more for myself and others!

5. Lilly Singh

IISuperwomanII, one of the most inspirational people to watch on Youtube. She’s funny and relatable and gets things done! There’s no one that can motivate me to get up and do work (besides my mom!) other than her. Lilly Singh is one of those people that you don’t realize is making you a better person until someone tells you about it.

4. Brandy Norwood

Brandy was the first Cinderella I’ve ever come in contact with. My young eyes were in awe at her beauty and compassion as well as her ability to glow! She made me feel like there was nothing I couldn’t do, that I could become a princess if I wanted to and I’ll never forget that.

3. Andrea Brooks

The queen of DIY in my eyes. Also known as AndreasChoice on YouTube, she’s not only made my fashion sense a little better, she’s brightened up my perspectives on life. Andrea has a smile that you can’t help but smile back at and is a role model for me to lighten up people’s lives as she has done to mine.

2. Beyoncé

This goes without saying. Beyoncé has been in my life since I can remember. Her artistry as well as portrayal has shown me how important Feminism and kindness is. It’s inevitable that Beyoncé has changed my life, considering she’s always been in it.

1. Zora Neale Hurston

My writer heart rejoices at the sound of her name! Learning about her life throughout the Harlem Renaissance and then being given the privilege to read her work has definitely changed my life. I am forever grateful for the work she’s put out and having someone to look up to as a writer.

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