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10 Ways To Relax During Finals

Now that October is over, there’s about two and half weeks until Thanksgiving break. When we come back it’s time for really cold weather and even worse…finals. We all need things to calm us down and keep us level headed so we can bang out the semester and not drown in all the stress that comes with the last few weeks of the semester. Here’s a few things to help you relax and stay afloat: 

1. Listen to Christmas Music

Because it’s never too soon. Never.

2. Go for a run

AKA walk. On a treadmill. Because it’s cold and running is really no fun. Let’s be real.

3. Cuddle up with your favorite book

And no not a textbook. This is something you enjoy to get your mind off of finals for an hour or so.

4. Netflix and Chill

By Netflix and chill I mean binge-watch Gossip Girl with your favorite stuffed animal and a hot chocolate.

5. Take up a new hobby

Have you been thinking about trying painting? Sewing? Blogging? Well on a random Wednesday when biochem is making you want to pull your hair out, make a tumblr, start typing and let it all out. 

6. Call home

Because I have definitely desperately called my mom after a long night in Club Lib.

7. Online holiday shop

Two words: Retail Therapy.

8. Listen to Taylor Swift 

Okay yes, this is a totally biased personal one, but find whoever your Taylor Swift is. Put in your headphones and clear your mind.

9. Go on an Adventure 

Besides Lake Fred, there’s actually a lot of cool things to see in Galloway, New Jersey. So grab your closest friends, jump in the car and see where the road takes you.

10. Take a nap 

You can’t ace your finals if you’re sleep deprived.

My name is California Watson and I'm a Junior at Stockton University. I grew up in Galloway and love where I live! I have a strong interest in fashion, modeling, and hopefully one day living in New York City. I have a HUGE Taylor Swift obsession and love going to the beach and reading in my free tim.
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