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Amidst the start of the new school year here at Stevens, it can feel overwhelming at times. Personally, I use journaling to help cope with the stress and the chaos and I’d like to share my coping skill with you. 

Journaling has proven to reduce stress and help manage anxiety and depression. When starting out journaling it may feel a little silly, or you may even feel you’re not doing it right. However, there is no “right” or “wrong” way to journal. How you use your journal is entirely at your discretion. I treat my journal like its scratch paper, jotting down every thought or feeling I want to write down. When I write a thought or expand on a feeling in my journal it’s almost as if I am letting it go. 

#1 Write every day at first

Writing every day in your journal will just help you start to use your journal regularly. I personally do not use my journal every day, but I have incorporated the habit into my life already. If you make it a point to write in your journal every day, eventually you will just feel the need to write. 

#2 Don’t overthink it

People often overthink what they should write about. You don’t need a prompt, although they are helpful at times. You can simply write about how your day is going, or how you’re feeling in the moment. 

There are no rules. This is your safe space in the making. Tear the pages up and paint the cover, do whatever your heart desires. 

#3 Don’t limit yourself

I find that people tend to constrain themselves when it comes to journaling by only answering prompts and such. If you find this works for you by all means continue to do so. However, I think you can find some freedom and creativity in your journal. Cover it in cool poems you found online, some dope artwork, whatever you want. By being free in your journal I think it can help foster a safe space in the practice and declutter your mind. 

#4 Prompts I’ve been prompting recently

These are some prompts I’ve enjoyed discussing with friends or in therapy: 

  • Who do you want to be? 
  • What do you want/need in a partner?
  • If you were to make a pie chart of your priorities what would it look like? 

Be truthful. It’s only you and the paper in your journal, you can be honest. 

I am a 3/4 Business & Technology major concentrating in Computer Science & Information Systems.