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Successful Stetson Students: Flomotion

Have you ever seen people wearing shirts with an orange on it or the text Flomotion? This idea came from Stetson students! Flomotion creators Sean Kinberger and Camiel Canters took a ride to the beach to meet some friends and catch a few waves. On the ride the two began wondering why no clothing brand existed to represent the unique Floridian lifestyle. 

What was your inspiration to start a surf clothing line? We came up with the brand Flomotion because we believe there is no such brand in Florida. We believe that Florida's unique lifestyle, which encompasses both a laid back attitude and a competitive spirit, needs a clothing line that it can be proud of. 

What are Flomotion’s long-term goals? We want to become Florida's premier surf clothing brand.

How did you come up with the name Flomotion? Flomotion is for Florida and it just feels right. 

Surf Clothing is very competitive so how do you differentiate yourself from other surf clothing companies? Our products represent the Florida lifestyle and we believe that within the surf industry we have an extremely niche product. We believe there are no other Florida based clothing companies that strive to fulfill this goal. 

What would you suggest to other Stetson students that might want to start their own company? Perseverance and make sure you hire the right people.

How can Stetson help you?
 We appreciate all of Stetson's support as we have slowly taken Flomotion off the ground and this is all we can ask for in the future. Thank you for supporting and going with the FLO!

Visit www.theflomo.com

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