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Staying Slim on St.Patty’s Day

March 17th celebrates the most famous saint in the World, Saint Patrick. It is commemorated by wearing green, and drinking large amounts of beer.  While it is only one day of the year, and celebrated in good fun, there are many health consequences to think about throughout this day. For those of us who spend a consistent amount of time at the gym each day, the increased consumption of calories in beer, has the potential to deter our weekly weight goals. But no worries! I have sought out a list of both the lowest calorie regular and St. Patricks day beers. With a quick pick of a few of your favorite beers from the list you will be able to enjoy Hatter Palooza, the beer garden, and all other St. Patrick’s day activities without feeling guilty for what you’re drinking!     
The following list and calorie details were found through MensHealth magazine, the best list.

For the top five lowest- calorie regular “best beers” look for:

  1. Sam Adams Light – 119 calories per serving
  2. Guinness Draught- 125 calories per serving
  3. Michelob Ultra- 95 calories per serving
  4. MGD 64- 64 calories per serving
  5. Miller Lite- 96 calories per serving

In order to help out with specifically St.Patty’s day celebrations, here is a list of the top five lowest calorie St.Patrick day beers as according to Shape Magazine.

  1. Harp- 142 calories per serving
  2. Killian’s Irish Red-163 calories per serving
  3. Murphy’s-171 calories per serving
  4. Beamish Irish Cream Stout- 146 calories per serving
  5. Smithwick’s Irish Ale- 150 calories per serving

Along with an array of beers available on St.Patty’s day, there will also be the choice of green beer. There has been much debate about whether green beer has negative health consequences or not.  Unfortunately, it has actually been found that food coloring contains toxins. You may say “well, what is three green beers going to do to me?” but, since most of our food we eat everyday already contains these toxins, the increased amount of unneeded toxins in green beer can be very bad for your overall health. Increased amounts of food coloring ingestion have even been linked to bladder cancer! So, you may want to think twice before your second, third, or fourth green beer of the night!

One other vital way to get around all the calories on Saturday, without missing out on the fun is to switch from low calories beer instead to some of these low calorie drinks! For example a typical mojito from a restaurant contains 90 calories. Other St.Patty’s day examples include: Green Sangria – 115 calories, Dublin Old Fashioned-135 calories, Irish Iced Tea- 80 calories, Irish Spring-150 calories.

While these tips will help you to keep slim on St.Patty’s day while still partying like the Irish don’t forget that binge drinking on any account is detrimental to your body. Women process about one drink per hour and more than four drinks on a single occasion is considered binge drinking. To be most healthy on Saturday remember to space out your drinks throughout the day to give your body the ability to process them. Also, don’t forget to stop by Brick House or somewhere alike that will be selling corned beef and cabbage, a meal that is actually quite good.

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