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Michael Bujnowski

Name: Michael Bujnowski

From: New Jersey

Age: 18

Status: SINGLE

Major: Finance

Music: “I like all music, jam bands are nice something to relax to”

Hobbies: On the Football Team, hang out with friends, go to the beach

Random Fact: “I go to church every Sunday, not everyone knows that”

Ideal Women: “A girl with a nice smile, pretty eyes and of course, she has to have nice hair”

Perfect date: “I like going to the beach, but I like to go out somewhere fancy to dress up. Ideal date would be dinner than heading to the bars to relax and have some fun”

 Alayna Burton is a junior at Stetson University pursing a degree in Communications and Journalism. Alayna’s passion for Her Campus began last year when she co-founded her branch in 2011 serving as Director of Publicity and Events, and now Alayna hopes to successfully lead her branch to success as Stetson’s HC Editor in Chief. Outside of Her Campus Alayna is heavily involved with her school, her community and her sorority. Serving on numerous boards and teams including but not limited to Stetson’s event programming board Hatter Productions as Assistant Director, The Deland Community’s fundraising team GreenFeather Executive Board as a day coordinator, The Delta Delta Delta sorority Vice President of Membership, Alayna has gained valuable experience with working with people as well as insight into the world of event planning as well as marketing, branding and public relations. Future goals for Alayna include working in the field of Broadcast Journalism in the Entertainment Industry. 
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