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The Man Behind the Music: James Araujo

The Man Behind the Music

James Araujo, a 23 year old Marketing Major at Stetson, may seem like any other student during the day, but it’s when the lights go down and clubs open this Senior from Campina Grande, Brazil becomes the imfamous DJ Tsunami. HerCampus Stetson was lucky enough to snag an interview withhim this summer between his many appearances.

How did you get started in DJ-ing? Has it always been a passion of yours?
Music has always being a passion of mine. But, the passion for DJing started last year when watching some amazing performances by top DJs which inspired me to begin looking into the idea of starting a profession on the field.  So, I called my good friend DJ Sotera and he basically told me everything I need to get started.  I love the job! You get to play at the craziest parties, for the most beautiful people, travel around the world, and have a lot of fun on the process.  But, the best part of the job is when you see people having the time of their lives during your performance; its literally a priceless sensation. 

Who’s your mentor or a DJ you idolize and how have they helped you become the person you are today?
My mentor was/is Sotera, a DJ/Producer from Brazil.  He gave me very insightful advice on what equipment to buy, and taught me expert tips on techniques used by the best DJs in the world (i.e. harmonic mixing).  I do idolize some top DJs such as Swedish House Mafia and Tiesto; I think they take electronic music to the next level with the experience they deliver on their concerts, and their ability to constantly produce top hits. I always look up to these artists when preparing my DJ sets and branding myself. 

What would you say your “style” is
I am more of a Progressive House Music DJ.  I do love all the different styles of music, but electronic music (house music more precisely) is what you can be sure that you will listen on my concerts.

What would you say was your most important or most meaningful performance?
My last performance was definitely the most meaningful for me.  I played at The Time Club in my hometown Campina Grande this summer; it was an amazing gig with beautiful people that packed the venue.  I think it was the most important so far because of all the talk and expectations that was created around the event and the positive feedback that I received after the show.  Plus, it’s always good to be performing to people that love your style of music.  It’s a good feeling to have the place packed just to see you performing. 
Summer 2012 seems to be keeping you busy, what kind of events have you done this summer?
This summer has been very productive for me.  I started to produce some remixes/mashups of my own.  I also intensified the promotion of the Tsunami brand; for example, on Facebook I went from 256 ‘likes’ on my page to over 1100.  As far as performances, I had some small private events and the show that I mentioned at The Time Club.

And lastly, what can we expect from DJ Tsunami?
There are a lot of cool things coming up from DJ Tsunami.  I am on the process of buying some music production software, and will start producing my own DJ Tsunami original tunes very soon.  I also want to perform all over the United States and eventually the world; so, you will be hearing about my crazy self a lot.  Last, but not least, you can be sure that wherever DJ Tsunami performs, he will always bring on his best to make sure you have a the best experience possible on his shows.
Here’s the Promotional Material from his show in Campina Grande (James is in the left hand corner!).  Make sure to like DJ Tsunami on facebook at facebook.com/DJTsunamibr


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