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Keeping Your Bikini Shopping Experience Fun

The nice weather is finally starting to set in which means that swimsuit season is finally here! Shopping for a bikini can be any girl’s worst night mare. Like every other person on this planet, we all have our flaws or something we don’t necessarily love about ourselves. Luckily for us, bikinis come in all shapes and sizes. You just have to follow a few short steps when it comes time to purchase your swimsuit. 

The most important step to having a positive and fun shopping experience when searching for a swimsuit is to prepare yourself! The first step is to feel good before hitting the stores. Have a good workout the morning of your shopping trip to feel and look your best (besides, a little endorphins never hurt anyone). Keep moving towards looking and feeling your best by showering up and throwing just a little hint of makeup on. Now that you have full confidence with your body and face, it’s time to start taming your hair. Keep it simple, after you shower, spray a little bit of sea salt spray in your hair to give yourself that beachy look or throw a simple braid in. These few steps will ensure that you feel and look your best when you are on your shopping trip. 

Before heading to the store don’t forget to invite your best friend, one who is willing to sit in the changing room while you try 30 different swimsuits on. Not only is it nice to bring your best friend shopping, but she will give you the positivity that you will need to maintain throughout the trip as well pure honesty when needed. 

Shopping can be turned into a difficult task if you are not sure what you are looking for. Narrow down your options. Are you looking for a certain color or print? Do you want a strappy swimsuit, a flouncy top, or maybe a one piece? The next thing is to know what will look best for your body type. Insecure about having a smaller chest? Embrace it and keep your confidence! Ditch the uncomfortable padding. Find a top that has some ruffles on it or even a flounce top. Need a slimming effect? Add darker color to you swimwear. Choose swimsuits that are black, navy blue, or dark purple for a slimmer look. These are just some ways that you can make yourself feel more confident while wearing your swimsuit. Don’t limit yourself to these styles, try them all! 

Once you have found some options you think you might like, grab them in the size you typically wear, as well as the next size up and the next size down. This will assure that you get the appropriate size. Remember that size is just a number. Nobody is looking at your tag while you are laying on the beach, they will be thinking about how great you look in your new swimsuit! 

Most likely you are not going to be lying in the sun every hour you are in your swimsuit, if so there is nothing wrong with that. Make sure you consider the activities you could be doing while in your bikini whether it is playing sand volleyball, going for a walk on the beach, or throwing football with a cute boy. The last thing you want is your swimsuit not being able to cover all the right places during activity. The best way to prevent this is to test out your swimsuit before purchase. Start by waving your hands in the air like you just don’t care, bend over, and jump around. If your swimsuit can endure all of this movement, and it has kept everything in its right place it has passed the movement test. Remember collegiettes, keep it classy- not trashy. Once you have completed all of these steps, hopefully you will find the swimsuit that leaves you feeling positive and confident all summer long. Best of luck!

I am currently a junior at Stetson University who is ready get things going! Growing up in D.C., I developed a keen sense for fashion, a thick skin, and a yearning for success. It was only recently that I took the leap of faith and permanently moved down to Florida, not far from where I attend school, so I could pursue my love for fashion, warm weather, and a fast-paced life. I can remember my first day at Stetson University like it was yesterday with all the chaos of meeting new friends mixed with the anxiety of new classes and nervousness of being alone for the first time, but most of all my biggest concern was the stress of figuring out how I could possibly pop out of my bubble and become what I wanted to be: the confident, successful, and driven college student who would not follow but create the trend! After two years of hard work, through becoming a part of the Greek life scene, joining many different organizations and learning from prior upperclassmen who have become successful, I have created communication and leadership skills that I am forever grateful for. With a recently new found passion for the journalistic side of life, I cannot wait to be apart of something bigger than I have ever been before so I can continue learning and gaining memorable experiences that will help me in my goal to make my lifelong dreams and aspirations come to life!
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