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Name: JJ Lofthouse-Smitch

Hometown: London, England

Major: Finance

Class: Junior

Age: 22

What made you come to the U.S for college?

The idea of living in America is very much a surreal dream in England, especially being lucky enough to live in the sunshine state! So I would have jumped at any opportunity to come over, but soccer helped this dream become a reality. 

How did you experience culture shock?

Not to say we’re rude back in England, but here in Florida everyone talks to everyone! Having random people coming up to me for a conversation was quite the shock. I didn’t know if I had met them before and didn’t want to be rude so kept the conversation flowing. 

What do you like most about Stetson?

I like how clean the entire campus is. It’s maintained on a daily basis and it shows. And when the sun is shining on a typical Florida day, it looks great! 

What do you do in your spare time?

To tell the truth I don’t have much free time as I’m on the soccer team, but when I do I like create new experiences. Go and visit new places. 

Do you like American girls or British girls more?

I’ve been around British girls my whole life and although they still do tickle my fancy, I am very much in awe of the American girls. I do love their obsession with wearing sports gear though, especially when they choose to wear yoga pants. 

What is your pick-up line?

I’m not a “pick up line” type of guy. I think guys who use them seem a bit robotic and unnatural, and women can always tell when you’re being dishonest! I like to try and keep conversation flowing, but as of lately they seem more interested with my accent than what I say. 

Who is your campus crush?

I like to keep my love life to those who are relevant, I mean at the end of the day it’s between me and her, not the rest of the world! I find relationships work best that way. But let’s just say she’s a “keeper”. 

What is the most scandalous thing you’ve done at Stetson?

One spring break some of my teammates and I rented an apartment on South beach. After 4 straight hours of drinking games, going out and returning back, a scruff happened between two of the guys. The one who started it felt so bad he asked me to hit him on behalf of the other guy. I did, and knocked him out briefly.

If you could meet anyone dead or alive who would it be?

I’d probably have to go with David Beckham. He literally is the man in all areas; whether it’s soccer, fashion or what he does with his spare time. The guy literally just can’t be touched. His face should be on money. 

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

Although I’m from England I’m actually mixed. My mums white British from North London and my dads from a Caribbean Island called St. Vincent, west of Barbados. I’m best of both worlds! 

Best college memory?

My freshman year we beat Penn State in a nerve wrecking game. We were over the moon and there was quite the buzz when we arrived back on campus.

What do you plan on doing with the rest of the time you have left at Stetson?

I want to have as many new experiences as I possibly can. I want to spend all the time with my close friends and hopefully travel a bit more. I may not be lucky enough again in my life to have as much free time and be in such an amazing country, so I need to take advantage of it! 



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