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Create a Different Kind of Memory this Valentine’s Day!


If you have not seen people posting plans, girls getting giddy, or the endless love commercials yet, Valentine’s day is approaching again!  Every February, the thing that is bothersome to most women about Valentine’s Day is not the whole “whose my valentine this year” thing, but the countless movies the media seems to promote each year that will be premiering right on Valentine’s Day!  For those lucky enough to have a Valentine for the day, what man genuinely wants to see another sappy love story, chick flick, unrealistic love story based movie?! No guy wants to sit through two hours of that, and neither should you!  They may do it, but come on let’s not put guys through that torture.  Besides its only going to cause your head to go into bat shit crazy mode on why your Valentine’s date was not as perfect as the movie you are watching, all while your valentine sits next to you bored out of his mind.  Perfect date night right!? Try something new this year! Instead of dinner and a normal movie, try dinner at a drive in movie theatre, or even dinner and some fun at Downtown Disney! This Valentine’s Day, don’t spend it in any typical fashion, get out there and make it the most memorable night and get rid of the stereotype that Valentine’s Day is the worst day of the year.

On the other hand, for the single ladies, go out and do something you will not ever forget because who ever remembers the nights that you fell asleep early?! Save the sad sob! Why watch a movie that will caused hated on life all because there is no current personal love story? Even if the movie trailer looks happy, what if the movie turns out sad? Now you’re crying not only because you are lonely but also because you are a sucker for love stories.  It continues to boggle the minds of women why such movies are put out at this time. For crying out loud, put it out after February 14th! 

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 Alayna Burton is a junior at Stetson University pursing a degree in Communications and Journalism. Alayna’s passion for Her Campus began last year when she co-founded her branch in 2011 serving as Director of Publicity and Events, and now Alayna hopes to successfully lead her branch to success as Stetson’s HC Editor in Chief. Outside of Her Campus Alayna is heavily involved with her school, her community and her sorority. Serving on numerous boards and teams including but not limited to Stetson’s event programming board Hatter Productions as Assistant Director, The Deland Community’s fundraising team GreenFeather Executive Board as a day coordinator, The Delta Delta Delta sorority Vice President of Membership, Alayna has gained valuable experience with working with people as well as insight into the world of event planning as well as marketing, branding and public relations. Future goals for Alayna include working in the field of Broadcast Journalism in the Entertainment Industry. 
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