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The Bare Necessities

Her Campus recently sent Stetson University a care package! Not only did we absolutely love the contents, but we felt that everything within the care package fit right in with the current trend of the semester!

It’s finally Spring, the flowers are blooming, bikinis are the new fashion, and the beach is the new hang out location! But… it’s also that time of year where the stress of Senior Research is kicking in, the anxiety of final presentations and exams is rising, and we just can’t seem to keep it together when it comes to pulling all-nighters and keeping healthy!

It’s about this time of year where everyone is wondering where their survival kits are to finishing off the semester without any havoc… Thanks Her Campus, we have figured it out! Check out our 7 bare necessities of getting through the best and worst times to come!

Neuro SLEEP. We all know sleep is important, and that’s why it is important that you try Neuro SLEEP. Included in this mango flavored drink are nutrients such as melatonin and magnesium, which help you get that refreshing sleep, all in a safe 35 calories! What gets better?!

Chipotle. Enough said. This is perhaps the best study food, break food, breakfast food, lunch food, dinner food, and really just an anytime kind of food! Whether you are in the mood for a burrito bowl, a plain burrito, salad, or just chips, queso, and guacamole, Chipotle is ours, and should be your #1 stop.

TRESemmé 7 Day Keratin Smooth System. With the long and sleepy nights ahead, who has time to sit and treat hair?! This system gives you up to seven days worth of silky and frizz-free hair. Just after washing your hair, apply the Keratin Smooth Heat Activated Treatment, blow dry hair, and finish by straightening your hair for a look that will last days! 

ZOTOS Biotera Ultra Color Care Conditioner. This conditioner is a 5-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner and is the perfect addition to your hair care routine. This conditioner takes the place of shampoo, conditioner, leave-in detangler, and shine treatment. Upon using this product, leave it in your hair for 3-5 minutes and watch miracles happen!

For inspiration and how-to’s, visit www.youtube.com/TRESemme. Enjoy!

European Wax Center free waxing vouchers. European Wax Center is the place to go for those looking to have the smoothest skin, ever. From legs, to arms, to way down under, EWC has your best interest at heart! The best part: it is extremely affordable!

Yokini Swimwear. After you’ve got your wax from EWC, head to Yokini Swimwear! This brand focuses on creating yoga-inspired fold-over swim bottoms. With this type of swimwear, you are bound to look like you’ve been working on your fitness! Get 20% off and FREE lettering on your flattering bottoms by using code HC99 at checkout at Yokiniswimwear.com!

Her Campus Swag! Her Campus Swag includes clups, koozies, sunglasses, and a car sticker! Talk about a spring break bonus… a cup to drink from, koozie to hold your drink, sunglasses to block the sun, and a car sticker to show it all off!

We absolutely love the kit that Her Campus sent and wouldn’t know what we would do without it! If you had a survival kit, what would be in it? Let us know!


I am currently a junior at Stetson University who is ready get things going! Growing up in D.C., I developed a keen sense for fashion, a thick skin, and a yearning for success. It was only recently that I took the leap of faith and permanently moved down to Florida, not far from where I attend school, so I could pursue my love for fashion, warm weather, and a fast-paced life. I can remember my first day at Stetson University like it was yesterday with all the chaos of meeting new friends mixed with the anxiety of new classes and nervousness of being alone for the first time, but most of all my biggest concern was the stress of figuring out how I could possibly pop out of my bubble and become what I wanted to be: the confident, successful, and driven college student who would not follow but create the trend! After two years of hard work, through becoming a part of the Greek life scene, joining many different organizations and learning from prior upperclassmen who have become successful, I have created communication and leadership skills that I am forever grateful for. With a recently new found passion for the journalistic side of life, I cannot wait to be apart of something bigger than I have ever been before so I can continue learning and gaining memorable experiences that will help me in my goal to make my lifelong dreams and aspirations come to life!
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