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9 Steps to Making the Right Gains This Christmas

If you haven’t attended one already, chances are you’ll be headed to a holiday party this season, or several for all you busybodies. These can be some of the most enjoyable events, getting you into that yuletide spirit among your favorite people—but it’s also easy to end up chowing down on more than you bargained for! Whether you are worried about dietary restrictions or simply ruing the addition of holiday weight, throw off that anxiety!

1) Bring your own dish.

Not only is this a kind gesture towards your hardworking host/hostess, you also don’t have to worry about what the menu will look like. Providing your own dish ensures that you can maintain a gluten-free, paleo, or vegan diet.

2) Don’t save it all up.

Economics teaches us that we should place all of our nonexistent dollars in a piggy bank, but the same is not true for what you eat. Don’t starve yourself before a party to “save up calories”. Not only will you be miserable for much of the day, but your stomach will simply make up for it later by bingeing on the party spread.

3) Mingle!

You need not be single to do this. Stand, walk around, and chat. Sitting for a whole party will only leave you feeling lethargic.

If you’ve never engaged in large-scale Christmas baking sessions, you’ve missed out, my friend. This is a great time of year to crank up the oven, whether you’re sticking to some classic Pillsbury break-and-bake cookies or starting from scratch. Baking doesn’t have to be the scrooge in your Christmas carol.

4.Make it a work out!

Standing on your feet, whisking, rolling out dough: it takes some energy. You can even do standing toe or calf raises while you’re making your batter.

5. How many times have you licked the spoon?

Taste testing is always a must when you’re in the kitchen. Please, don’t let me stop. That beater is all yours, girl. However, it’s so easy to lose track of how much “testing” you’ve done before the finished product has been made. Be mindful, and don’t spoil your appetite on those uncooked ingredients!

6. Where’s the beef?

The great thing about being in the kitchen is that you know exactly what ends up the table. Look around in cookbooks or on the internet for alternative recipes that best fit your nutritional needs. There are all kinds of substitutes that still make a great tasting dish!

It can be easy to lose the normal routine you have on campus when you have a month away. Don’t let that break your workout routine! Just find new ways to fit it in.

1) Make use of the weather!

If you’re staying in Florida over Winter break, good news! You have the freedom of almost year-round sunshine. So go outside and enjoy it!

2) Find a rink.

Though it’s not as common under the Mason-Dixon Line, there are still plenty of indoor ice rinks around. Take part in the Winter tradition and lace up some skates. It’s a great work out for your legs, and you can actually wear a coat!

3) Shopping is basically cardio.

Walking up and down those sale aisles really adds up. You’d be surprised how many steps are amassed when trekking through a mall. Grab one of your favorite gals and head out for some Christmas shopping that you were going to do any way.

I am a Stetson University Hatter, majoring in English, and loving my beautiful Florida home!
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