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5 Reasons to Join in on Hatter Saturday

Hatter Saturday is coming! April 18th is the day that all students who have been admitted to Stetson, come and enjoy a day in the life of a student. It’s a day that not only will give you the ability to meet and greet with incoming students, but it could be used as a great recruitment tool. With this day marking most of these students first day on campus, it’s a great ready to come out and show them what Stetson is all about! Check out our 5 reasons you should join the fun on Hatter Saturday:

Give Back. Think back to when you attended Hatter Saturday… Scared, nervous, excited and thrilled all at the same time. Talk about overwhelming! Help answer those questions for other students that you were too afraid to ask!

Networking. Meet and greet with families and other students. Get a chance to tell your Stetson story, get to know others, and expand your network for future opportunities. With over 300 families attending Hatter Saturday, you have the chance to meet a ton of individuals you otherwise wouldn’t!

Recruitment. With future students flooding the campus who haven’t seen anything but the little information offered online, show them what your organization is all about! Exchange information and give them a reason to get excited about getting involved.

Show Your Hatter Spirit. Stetson may be a small school, but its spirit speaks loud enough to counteract the size. You’re a student, be proud, be loud and show others the reason you enrolled at Stetson!

It’s the last big event of the school year. Summer is coming faster than we know it! Hatter Saturday is a reason to get outside with your friends, hang out around campus, and have fun when everyone will be out and about. It’s truly the only day of the year most of the involved student body is enjoying Stetson’s campus.

If you’re interested in getting involved, email stetsonadmission@gmail.com for more information!


I am currently a junior at Stetson University who is ready get things going! Growing up in D.C., I developed a keen sense for fashion, a thick skin, and a yearning for success. It was only recently that I took the leap of faith and permanently moved down to Florida, not far from where I attend school, so I could pursue my love for fashion, warm weather, and a fast-paced life. I can remember my first day at Stetson University like it was yesterday with all the chaos of meeting new friends mixed with the anxiety of new classes and nervousness of being alone for the first time, but most of all my biggest concern was the stress of figuring out how I could possibly pop out of my bubble and become what I wanted to be: the confident, successful, and driven college student who would not follow but create the trend! After two years of hard work, through becoming a part of the Greek life scene, joining many different organizations and learning from prior upperclassmen who have become successful, I have created communication and leadership skills that I am forever grateful for. With a recently new found passion for the journalistic side of life, I cannot wait to be apart of something bigger than I have ever been before so I can continue learning and gaining memorable experiences that will help me in my goal to make my lifelong dreams and aspirations come to life!
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