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4 Fall Makeup Must-Haves for All Florida Girls

Florida may not have the most defined seasons, but don’t let the year-round warm weather stop you from achieving your ultimate fall potential. This fall you can express through your face what the rest of the country is expressing through their clothing! Here are a few fall makeup trends that will remind everyone that even though your pumpkin spice is iced because of the 85-degree heat, you’re still acting and looking like you live in scarf-worthy weather.

1)      Dark lips

Chocolate, berry or whatever you’re into, dark lips are universally flattering and perfect for the season. Choose a color on the warmer side and pair it with a brown smoky-eye or a winged liner. A rust or burgundy is also really lovely and channels all the fall leaves we miss out on in the sunshine state.

2)      Eyeliner and eyeshadow

Winged liner is a year-round classic, but have you ever tried smoking it out? Blend the edges out with a clean brush or with a little deep brown or dark grey eyeshadow, and carry this down onto your bottom lash line. This is also helpful for anyone who isn’t that great at eyeliner (me) because it gives the eyes more depth.

In terms of eyeshadow, a brown smoky-eye is ideal and less harsh than its black and grey counterpart, but Florida’s A+ humidity might cause premature creasing, so if you go for it, invest in a good primer! Golds and other metallic are also wonderful and add a nice pop of shine to a look that may otherwise be matte.

3)      Blush

Lay off on the reds and pinks and pick up a plum, burgundy or brown instead. These warm up your face in a really natural way without giving off an “I just got sunburnt” vibe. Just remember not to be too heavy-handed! Deeper shades are harder to blend out, especially on fairer skin tones.

4)      Foundation

The weather is starting to cool down a little as we head into October and November, and this often leads to a difference in the quality of your skin. Whatever foundation you do or don’t wear is perfectly okay, but remember that you can’t have a beautiful base without healthy skin underneath it! Stay hydrated and don’t forget to keep your skin moisturized. Just remember caring for yourself allows your natural beauty to shine through.

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