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Ten Things Every Nursing Student Says




At St. Kate’s, the most common degree is a nursing major. As a nursing student, I can personally tell you that it is the hardest program, and many of us students go by with support, tons of studying and of course a little humor here and there. Below I’ve compiled the most common things all nursing students say.


  1. “I’m so tired!”

No matter how much sleep we get, we always feel tired no matter what. It become part of our genetics or something because for the rest of our lives we will always be tired.


  1. “Oh my God I think I have that disease!”

Learning about all the signs and symptoms of diseases is cool and everything until we feel like we have all of them.


  1. “Zzzzzzzzzz.”

This one goes with #1. Most of the time in class, we are trying to stay awake, but if you see one of us snoring away, please stay away! This might be the only time we get any z’s in.


  1. “Clinical was so long today!”

Clinicals, which are real-life experience in hospitals are a vital part of the nursing program. Most clinicals are the length of a regular registered nurse’s shift so about eight hours, or sometimes even more. Trust me, clinicals can be very long.


  1. “I have to study tonight.”

Nightout? What’s that? We literally have to study all the time.

  1. “What in the world was that test?”  

Even though we study our butts off, we might not cover everything, or we do and the test is so hard it could be another language. We sometimes leave the exam room completely shocked at some of the questions.


  1. “Are the grades posted yet?”

After the exam comes the anxiety ridden waiting period when we wait to see if we failed the exam or not. It is just as stressful as before the exam.


  1. “At least we’ll find a job.”

When we are at our lowest and feel that nursing is just too hard and we might not make it through, we power ourselves up by remembering that after this hell, we will definitely find a good, decent paying job.


  1. “I have to wash my scrubs… Again.”

Some of us only have one pair of scrubs while others have more than one, but after clinicals, our scrubs need to be washed. It's an ongoing cycle.


  1. “We got this!”

No matter how hard it is and how much we feel like crying at the amount of work waiting for us at the end of the night, we got this!

*All images from Pixabay, & gif from Giphy

Fardosa Kadar is an undergraduate student majoring in nursing. Aside from her health studies, Fardosa enjoys reading, writing and watching international dramas.
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