Student Organization Spotlight: The LEAD Team

Want to get involved in a student organization, one that will help you develop intensive leadership skills? If so, LEAD Team may be the right fit for you! We’ve spoken to LEAD Team members to give us more information about LEAD Team and why people should consider applying!

Q: What exactly is LEAD Team?

Lead Team Members: LEAD stands for: Leadership, Encouragement, Assistance and Development. LEAD Team is a collaborative group of students who work together to create leadership awareness and creates innovative ways to assist St. Kate's students in identifying and developing their leadership potential. We are a group of students who are excited about helping other students realize their leadership potential.

Q: What exactly does a LEAD Team Member do?

LTM: Well, it all depends on what the week holds. Sometimes we have requests from clubs and offices to facilitate sessions on essential skills such as time management, meeting facilitation skills, and how to work as a team among others. There is a lot of work that is put into designing activities and rehearsing for the actual facilitation. Otherwise, we spend a lot of time bonding and coming up with creative ways of encouraging students to lead and influence.

Q: Why join the LEAD team?

LTM: There is usually free food at the meetings! You will gain many skills that you can apply to your job, university classes, and almost anything in life. Also, you get to work with 8-10 amazing students who end up becoming your closest friends, as you get to spend a lot of time together!

Q: Where can people find more information and possibly apply at?

LTM: People can find more information about joining the team by emailing [email protected] or [email protected].

LEAD Team participates in many events from First-Year's Orientation to a Leadership Conference that they have each Spring semester! LEAD Team became our first Student Organization Spotlight as they've been very active on getting their faces out through their social media and on-campus! It definitely shows great dedication and love for their organization. Keep doing great work LEAD Team! If LEAD Team sounds like it definitely is a good fit for you then make sure to apply or get involved!