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Starbucks Drink of the Week

This week will be our very first installment of Starbucks Drink of the Week bringing you delicious and Instagram worthy drinks!

Drink Name:

Iced Salted Cold Foam Caramel Macchiato

  A rich blend of milk cold and espresso with a salty-sweet surprise of caramel and salt on top of a creamy foam finish.



$6.27 for a grande


How to Order:

Order exactly like this to avoid confusion and to ensure that the drink is made correctly:

“Hi, could I get a (tall (12oz) /grande(16 oz) /venti (20 oz)) iced caramel macchiato with whole milk cold foam and the salt from the salted caramel mocha please.”


Barista Tip:

Do not stir the espresso into the milk, it is meant to be drunk with the build of espresso’s bold taste that is followed by the sweetness of the milk and caramel sauce.


Coffee Fun Fact:

Did you know that macchiato means “spot” in Italian, hence why the espresso makes a spot on top of the drink.


*Please be aware that since this is an off-menu drink, you will need to provide the recipe. Also, understand that pricing is up to the discretion of the barista so the price above may be more or less of this estimation. Lastly, be kind to your barista perfectly tasting drinks take time.


** The salt on top is only available during the fall, however, if you want this drink year round ask for the sea salt in the foam.


Stay tuned for next week for a perfect drink for the fall obsessed.

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