Starbucks: Dark Caramel Chai

It’s your favorite Starbucks Barista with another installment of Starbucks Drink of the Week bringing you delicious and Instagram worthy drinks!

Drink Name: Dark Caramel Chai

A beautiful blend of smooth dark    caramel and spicy chai


Price: $5.09 for a grande


How to Order:

Order exactly like this to avoid confusion and to ensure that the drink is made correctly. “Hi, could I get a (tall (12oz) /grande(16 oz) /venti (20 oz)) iced tea with pineapple infusion to the bottom line, strawberry acai and passion tea to the top line.”


Barista Tip: Chai complements almost every syrup, don’t be afraid to add to the classic drink!


Coffee Fun Fact: Chai is a great detoxifier due to the spices found in it.


*Please be aware that since this is an off-menu drink, you will need to provide the recipe. Also, understand that pricing is up to the discretion of the barista so the price above may be more or less of this estimation. Lastly, be kind to your barista perfect tasting drinks take time.


Stayed tuned next week for a non-coffee drinker’s dream drink.


My name is Gabriella, and I have been a barista at a Starbucks for three years now, I have always loved creating off-menu drinks for my customers who like to change things up.