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Special Senior Spotlight: Odi Mentari

Our Special Senior Spotlight has come to shine on a hard-working biochemist. She’s motivated to make a difference in the world and spreads this passion wherever she goes. Odi “Eomma” Mentari ‘17 is in the house! 

Q: It’s your last go-around here at St Kate’s! How are you feeling?

Odi: Scared and excited at the same time! I know I have to keep my mind open to a lot of options out there but I don’t know where the road will lead me, and that uncertainty is what’s making me scared. Nevertheless, I’m ready to graduate and take on the real world. I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned here to what I will experience outside of St. Kate’s.

Q: You’re involved in so many activities! What are some of your proudest accomplishments?

Odi: I am more involved than I thought I would be but I take pride in everything I do. I am currently the president of both SCISO (St. Catherine International Student Organization) and SEASA (Southeast Asian Student Association). I know that I can keep going because of the members and advisers that do great jobs in their roles. To be able to take on these leadership roles and participate in all of our events are my proudest accomplishments. It sets me at ease to realize that I can be a leader, too, and that I can inspire others to be leaders.

Q: What hopes do you have for the future of St. Kate’s?

Odi: I hope that this campus, which has given me numerous opportunities to grow and develop both academically and socially, will stay standing strong in their core values. I also hope to see more women in science, as well as faculty and staff of color. Diversity here is what keeps us united and educated.

Q: Speaking of the future, what are your goals for post graduation life?

Odi: I will work for a year and go into graduate school for pathology (wish me luck!).

Q: As an international student, what would you say to those who are looking at coming to Minnesota?

Odi: If you’re looking for something different, then come to Minnesota. Enjoy the culture, breathtaking views, small cities, the food, and the community that you get to be a part of.

Q: Finally, it’s no secret that you love to cook and feed everyone around you! What is a recipe or food you’d like to teach the world to make?

Odi: I was hoping you’d ask me this question! I prefer baking over cooking meals. A recipe that I’d like to share with the world is my mom’s cream puff recipe! I only know the ingredients but not the measurements: for the dough you’ll need flour, butter, water, sugar and eggs. For the filling, you’ll need milk, sugar, vanilla and more eggs!

A true motherly presence. Thanks Odi!

Jess is a sophomore at St Kate's, studying Creative Multimedia with a minor in Promotional Communication. Outside of writing countless papers and crying over broken css documents, she can be found jamming to BTS with friends, eating tofu, or running late to a meeting. 
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