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Special Senior Spotlight: Jaimee Leibfried

A great role model and a hardworking Katie has made it to the first ever Special Senior Spotlight! She is an admirable woman and a smart one! For this first SSS, I’d like to invite Jaimee Leibfried to the floor.  

Q: It’s your last semester at St. Kate’s! How are you feeling?

Jaimee: I am so ready to go out in the world. It’s crazy to think of how much I have changed since first coming to college. I thought college would teach me everything, and I would feel like I knew my place in the world by the time my four years were up. But I think I have more questions now than when I started! It’s a good thing because I always want to be curious about the world and learn from it. Education is never really over.

Q: So true! How about when you leave St. Kate’s, what do you think you’ll miss most from St. Kate’s?

Jaimee: I am really going to miss my philosophy classes and Campus Ministry. Philosophy kept me questioning and taught me that the search is more important than the answer, and Campus Ministry has been a dream job. If I could go out into the world, and do exactly what I do in Campus Ministry, I would spend the rest of my life doing that. The Social Justice subgroup has been my rock and my whole school experience would have been completely different without Nora and Sam. They are amazing and I couldn’t ask for a better team to laugh, cry and love the world with.

Q: That was honestly, so beautiful! Now, I’m so curious to know what your involvement has been on campus?

Jaimee: I’ve been involved in a lot. I was in MPIRG for two and a half years, Campus Ministry for three years, UNICEF club for one year, English Club for one year, It’s On Us for two years, and The Wheel for three years.

Q: Wow! That is quite a lot! By chance, are there any words of wisdom you’d like to leave behind for Katie’s?

Jaimee: I hope that everyone remembers to get AT LEAST six hours of sleep each night because sleep is crazy important! I would also want people to know that these four years are packed full of growth. I am definitely not the same person I was when I entered those front gates. I hope people are able remember all of the learning, all of the conversations and all of the privileges they’ve had being here at St. Kate’s and bring them to whatever profession they choose.

Q: That is great wisdom! So what do you hope to see St. Kate’s be like in the future?

Jaimee: I really want St. Kate’s to get more environmentally friendly! The school is so justice orientated, but is missing on some of the “green” aspects in life. I also hope that it continues to be a women’s college focused on social justice. Those two aspects are what have kept me here for all four years. There is no other place like St. Kate’s, and I truly hope that people are able to value their experience here as much as I have.

Jaimee Leibfried has the biggest heart, wise words, and is someone you can have a deep conversation with about anything, from social justice to spirituality. Her Campus St. Kate’s would like to wish Jamiee the best of luck this final semester, a big congratulation on her triumphs as a Katie, and a huge thank you for being the first SSS on Her Campus St. Kate’s!  


Andrea Duarte-Alonso is a grad from Saint Catherine University where she received her bachelor's of Art in Political Science, Women's Studies, and English. She founded HC STCU in order to include voices that are hardly ever represented in media. Andrea is a storyteller, writer, and a political enthusiast. Her areas of interest lie in writing (check her website storiesfromunheardvoices.com that was created for her community), traveling, and fighting for social justice issues.
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