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A Letter from the HC St. Kate’s Campus Correspondent

St. Kate’s has joined the #1 collegiette blog and global community, Her Campus! With the launch on February 28th, we (executive team) are hoping that the St. Kate’s community of students enjoys this new outlet and decides to join us on this new chapter.

There is no doubt that St. Kate’s is filled with strong intellectual women who have a voice. A voice that all, from on campus and off should hear! By bringing Her Campus to St. Kate’s, we hope that it encourages more students to stay on campus more often than usual, like during the weekends, for fun events that St. Kate’s Her Campus is planning! Hopefully, this will aid in the development of an even tighter on-campus community.

As the Campus Correspondent for St. Kate’s I hope to bring a livelier vibe to the students who live on campus, an example is working on events that are appealing to Katie’s such as hosting a themed week or even partnering up with a local business! By bringing a new outlet I hope it interests students to read what their college-mates have to say about issues affecting women on campus.

Before I finish, I’d like to thank the women who supported me throughout the process of bringing Her Campus to St. Kate’s and who have become part of the executive team for Her Campus St. Kate’s: Sagal Hadafow ‘19, Biology Education major, Maakwe Cumanzala ‘19, Math and Economic majors, and Jess Halverson ‘19, Communication and Journalism, Creative Multimedia majors.

Stay updated by following St. Kate’s Her Campus on social media! Instagram: hercampusstkates and Twitter: HerCampusStKate.  Like us on Facebook too!

Andrea Duarte-Alonso is a grad from Saint Catherine University where she received her bachelor's of Art in Political Science, Women's Studies, and English. She founded HC STCU in order to include voices that are hardly ever represented in media. Andrea is a storyteller, writer, and a political enthusiast. Her areas of interest lie in writing (check her website storiesfromunheardvoices.com that was created for her community), traveling, and fighting for social justice issues.
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