Food Essentials To Have in a Dorm

As a college student I tend to forget to eat, not necessarily because I don't have food but because I don't have time to make a pleasant meal. Sometimes we have no option but to walk out for morning class with our water bottle and a granola bar. But we must face it, our health is very important, we need to learn to eat nutritional foods! Here are a couple of food items that all college students should have in their dorm rooms and/or invest on buying. 


  • Oranges (the Halo brand is my to go as their packaging is easy to carry and these tiny oranges are good for packing)
  • Bananas (you can mix this fruit with multiple other things such as yogurt)
  • Apples (the satisfying crunch is worth the buy)


  • Carrots (I mean the baby ones of course; buy ranch and you'll have a quick snack)
  • Bell peppers (you can literally eat these like apples)
  • Lettuce (pick out of the bag and enjoy yourself a lettuce salad)
  • Celery (did someone say they like peanut butter?)


  • Eggs (hard-boiled and scrambled)
  • Beans (pop it in the microwave)
  • Milk (a quarter gallon shall suffice if you don't plan to finish a gallon before the expiration)
  • Almonds (easy to get snack that is filled with great protein)


  • Bread (make sure it is whole brain as it has a healthier value)
  • Tortillas (check out Pinterest for quick yummy snacks)

Easy to Make

  • Cereal (try to stay away from very sugar-filled ones)
  • Fruit Snacks (same as cereal)
  • Granola bars (oatmeal raisin are my favorite)

Extra Food Materials

  • Olive Oil (many food recipes require oil)
  • Butter (same as oil)
  • Salt (extra seasoning, anyone?)
  • Hot sauce (if you like a little bit of a kick)