Abbreviations All Katies Should Know

Every college seems to pick up their own lingo that only members of that community know. Just about everything is easier to shorten up to a few letters rather than an extended name. All of these abbreviations can blend together pretty quickly; good thing Her Campus has a list of the abbreviations all Katie's should know.


The first time someone had asked me to meet them in the CDC I looked at them with what must’ve been the strangest look on my face. After all, it seems like common sense that this abbreviation would be in the personal dictionary of any Katie, but as a new student, I had no idea where they could be referring to! Of course now I know that it stands for Coeur de Catherine, which is truly the heart of campus, home to so many of my favorite places on campus.


Being located in the Twin Cities definitely gives St. Kate’s some perks. Tons of local restaurants, cute boutiques for shopping, and an abundance of art and museums… the list [1] [2] could keep going as to why the Twin Cities is an awesome place to go to college. In addition to St. Kate’s, there are several other colleges and universities who call the Twin Cities home. Meet the ACTC: the Associated Colleges of the Twin Cities, a program in which students at 5 universities (St. Catherine University, University of St. Thomas, Augsburg University, Macalester College, and Hamline University) can take advantage of the other schools and the programs that they offer. It’s worth looking into if you’re interested in a major or minor that isn’t offered by St. Kate’s!

3. LLC

We all know that certain intimidating feeling of moving in and wondering if you will have anything in common with the people on your floor. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that everyone on the floor had at least one common interest? That’s where Living Learning Communities (LLCs) come in handy as a means of finding a common connection with your neighbors down the hall. These halls are designated to various themes, from Catholic Community to Gryffindor Tower (my personal favorite), to help students live by others who have similar interests. So go say hi to the people across the hall; you are sure to bond over all things Harry Potter.

4. SCA

Chances are that you have heard this abbreviation thrown around if you are involved in a club or two at St. Kate’s! The Student Center and Activities (SCA) is the hub for all things related the student experience outside of the classroom, dealing with clubs and organizations on campus. They also plan out some awesome events on campus such as the Activities Fair in the fall. Pro tip: stop in to learn how to get involved on campus, stay for sweet treats in their office.

5 (and 6). TRW and GSJ

If there is one set of abbreviations that’s sure to become part of your daily lingo, it’s these two. The Reflective Woman (TRW) and Global Search for Justice (GSJ) are a part of every Katie’s journey while at St. Kate’s, as both courses are required under the Core Curriculum that makes up the academics of the university. Typically taken within the first term, TRW is a common experience among all students that seeks to introduce students to the mission and vision of St. Kate’s. Things seem to come full circle by the time a student graduates, applying what they have learned during their time at St. Kate’s to the world during GSJ. It’s this bookend effect that makes TRW and GSJ become an everyday addition to your dictionary.