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I would like to preface this with, these will not work for everyone. However, everyone has something that helps them de-stress when they need it so I encourage you to try something new. Try anything. You never know what could work for you.

  1. Take Breaks. This one is especially important when it comes to school work. Whether you work for an half-hour on the work that needs to be done or you work for ten minutes it is okay to stop and take a break. You will find that with less stress the quality of your work goes up.

  2. Communicate. This one is so important and likely the hardest to do on this list. No matter what it is that is stressing you out communication is vital when you are overwhelmed. Tell a friend what has been going on in your life. Email a teacher or a classmate if you are worried about an assignment or if you need help finishing it. People care. People, especially those around you, want nothing more then to help you succeed so reach out. It’s okay not to be okay sometimes.

  3. Eat a Warm Meal. Now this one might seem nonsensical but it is important. In times of stress or anxiety people regularly forget to eat, drink, or take their medications (if needed). So this is a gentle reminder to go and eat something warm. Something good that makes you happy. Drink a tall glass of water. The world won’t seem so hard afterwards, I promise.

  4. Listen to Your Favorite Music. Sing along. Dance! Channel all of the negative energy into something positive. Listen so sad songs and let your tears flow or listen to Disney songs and let your inner child out. Either way you will be able to look at any situation in a new light after you let some of your pent up energy out.

  5. Take a Shower or Bath. This is another thing that can be forgotten in times of stress but it is so important. The hot water of the shower or bath will help to relax your muscles which have slowly been getting more tense. The good smelling soap (or bath bomb) will relax your mind and hopefully take you back to a simpler time. Afterwards when you are all clean and dry you will feel better because you accomplished doing something today. You are a rockstar for it.

  6. Turn Off Social Media. Some of you might roll your eyes at this but trust me it helps. With homework it helps because it makes concentrating on whatever assignment you are doing just a little bit easier because you don’t have that constant notification or screen light up distracting you. Heck, you could even use it as an award for completing an assignment. With daily life it will make it a little bit easier to go to sleep earlier, you won’t find yourself as worried about other people’s lives (and then comparing it to your own), and you just might find yourself being able to breathe again because you don’t have the pressure of social media right there any more.


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