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During your 4 years at St. Kate’s, you are sure to explore new things, things that are outside of your comfort zone. Within your first year, here are 6 scenes you can expect to experience.

1.We’re All in This Together

It seems that it is only inevitable that as a university with a mascot of a wildcat that there would the occasional High School Musical moment. And it’s not even so much the spontaneous dance numbers (although there’s plenty of that to go around during orientation weekend); it’s the mentality of everyone being on the same team.  If you aren’t a fan of HSM as you start at St. Kate’s, you will be after your 4 years. Embrace it.

2. Katies Present and Past

If there’s one thing I can say about St. Kate’s, it’s that the alumni really give back to their alma mater! It’s more than likely you’ll see alumni of all generations on campus throughout the year. From move-in day to TRW alumni interviews, be ready to share a lot of wildcat pride with these engaged Katies.

3. A Certain Good Luck Charm

It’s pretty much a well-known fact that St. Kate’s is the unofficial home for squirrels in the Twin Cities. And while these scavengers have basically claimed campus as their own, there are times when seeing a squirrel can actually mean good news (instead of just a quick scare!). Say hello to the St. Kate’s albino squirrel. Touring the campus, I was told that seeing this white creature would bring luck to your next exam. How many colleges can say they have an albino squirrel as a good luck charm?

4. Instagram Ready

Look up the location of St. Kate’s on Instagram, and hands down the most popular spot on campus is near the iconic blue doors of Our Lady of Victory Chapel. Prepare yourself for countless pictures by these St. Kate’s landmarks. You’ll do more photoshoots next to them than you’d probably like to admit (I know I have).

5. The Perfect Study Break

Is there anything better than breakfast late at night? Late Night Breakfast, sponsored by Residence Hall Association, does just the trick, offering a break from any last-minute studying for finals. Not only does LNB feature all of your AM favorites (and oh yeah, great prizes), it is also great for catching up with friends at the end of each semester. Win-win situation.

6. Work Hard, Play Hard

St. Kate’s is home to some pretty awesome sports teams, if I do say so myself. On game nights, it’s common to see everyone cheering on their fellow wildcats. It’s a great way to relax after a long day of classes, so embrace your inner cheerleader and show some school spirit.


Kalley Seeger is a junior marketing major at St. Kate's. She's also involved in Residence Hall Association as Publicity Chair, First Generation Scholars League as Secretary/Treasurer, and Transfer Student Organization as a member. While she's not busy as Co-Senior Editor for St. Kate's Her Campus, you can always find keeping up with her many Netflix obsessions (The Office, anyone?) or crafting away the latest Pinterest trends.
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