5 Summer Essentials To-Go

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If you're going to be a motivated, wishing-to-be-successful, and planning on gaining new experiences in life this summer then you must stick around to learn about these 5 awesome summer essentials to-go! 

1. Secret: Invisible Solid Cool Waterlilly

Secret has released a new Fresh line that stays fresh for 48 hours! There are 11 fragances and each will make you feel like you've squirted perfume all over your body when in reality it was just your underarms! You can't be at work without one of these to-go sizes. 



2. Summer's Eve

A new line from Summers Eve brings you Gentle Foaming Wash and Cleansing Cloths. Includes simple ingredients and free from harsh chemicals. The Gentle Foaming Wash and Cleansing Cloths come in two different scents: Coconut Water and Mandarin Orange. A short trip away? Make sure to have these two items as their quick to use and easy to pack!



3. White Fur by Jardin Libaire

If you thought you've read all the love stories out in shelves, well you're wrong--White Fur is a must read for all you young romance addicts. This love story is about two young human beings, Elise Perez and Jamey Hoyde, who end up meeting, and are completely different from one another. And now their lives shall never be the same... This book is perfect for the metro ride to your internship this summer!



4. Steripod: Steripod Tootbrush Protector

Traveling much this summer? Protect your tootbrush from tiny, tiny bacteria by using steripod! Keeps your tootbrush clean and fresh for up to 3 months! Plus, it comes in many fun different colors. 



5. essence cosmetics: Eyebrow Designer

When you don't have enough room in your baggie, essence brings you Eyebrow Designer! An eyebrown pencill and brush all in one. 


These are not only summer essentials to-go but must-have's! Check out our instagram page for a giveaway of these 5 awesome summer essentials!