5 Reasons as to why Her Campus means SO MUCH to me

I was a sophomore in college when I decided that my school needed Her Campus. In high school I often read Her Campus because it talked about real issues that were not being taught at school or talked about among friends. I never realized that I would take into my own hands and create a chapter at my university. Once I did I knew I had done the right thing. Instead of rambling about what her campus means to me I'll show you in 5 short ways. 

5. Not too much work

Okay, but what club involvement doesn't ask from you? Her Campus is like any other club that plans events, has meetings except we have an online platform to focus on. As the founder and campus correspondent I enjoy the taking on this big task! Writing for Her Campus takes a short amount of my time because I often know what I want to write about. Her Campus articles can be fun, authentic, real, honest, opinionated, etc. Articles only have to be at least 500 words! It's fun taking a break from academic writing and focusing on an audience around my age. I love practicing my writing because I can only make it better!

4 & 3. Resume builder and the Network

I've learned so much about writing, editing, publishing, creative thinking, and communications. This has been such a huge addition to my resume because it is known and because it really emphasizes my skills that I wouldn't have learned elsewhere. Her Campus also has a spectacular network of folks! There are college chapters across the country and internationally! Her Campus alumni are working in awesome work places like popular magazines, newspapers, and even some doing political work! The places where people ended up working after doing Her Campus are most likely endless.  Check Her Campus out on LinkedIN.

2. Be a creator

It's so cool getting to see my pieces on a platform that get to be read by many individuals! I definitely want to focus on writing that matters and that is relatable so that more people can read my work and they can be like, "I'm going to join Her Campus too!" Not only can you write for her campus, you can also publish content on our social media platform! At our chapter we allow students to be the ones posting on our pages. We also want students to learn how to create their personal brand! If we were a chartered club, my goal would be to have awesome events such as as writing workshop, a talk around menstruation and women health issues, get to meet local journalists, writers, marketers, political correspondents, and more. Hopefully one day Her Campus STCU will be funded and made an establishment on our campus because it could be such a badass platform and event maker!

1. Meeting new people

Over the last few years that I've been the campus correspondent of HC STCU I've met lots of people! I enjoy listening to people's ideas and helping them turn their ideas from a possibility to a definitely. There are always ups and downs about people we work with but that's what's so amazing about Her Campus. I also strive for those involved to be open to different beliefs and conversations. I enjoy a diverse team that has individuals coming from different areas of expertise, life background, and interests. We learn from one another, empower each other, and showcase our strengths and weakness because we know that this is what makes a team stronger.