20 Signs You Are A Social Work Major at STCU

I’m a BSW Junior and let me tell you, being a social work student is no small gig. The education and profession comes with ups and downs like any other, but social workers have quite a few experiences that are unique to the area of study. The social work program at STCU (in partnership with UST) has a unique set of relatable experiences, and here they are!


Every time someone asks you what your major is, their response is "Well, it's certainly needed" or "Good for you." Umm, thanks?



Being told you won’t make money as a social worker



When you have to endure the expedition to the Summit Building for classes...



Your reaction when people say SW’s are children snatchers



Being around social service workers who are not social workers but call themselves social workers...



Constantly being told you chose an "easy" major and just looking at them like


When people assume you will only work in CPS, welfare or government jobs



When you naturally think things in Micro, Mezzo and Macro levels



When you can’t wait to see the field placement list but then dread through the interview process



When you meditate for 10 minutes before each class begins


Performing free employment-based labor 12+ hours a week is a requirement for you to graduate...it’s the experience


Exams? What are those?


When you realize Intro and Human Behavior in the Social Environment is basically the same class


When you have a hard time figuring out if you are going to take Policy in the fall or spring semester.. Voting or Social Work Day at the Capitol


Wherever you go to school, your Social Work program is like your own little family


Social justice is your middle name


When you have to apply for the admission to major process



You feel empowered for being in a female dominated field



You have had to defend your decision for becoming a social worker


No matter what, you couldn’t imagine being on any other path...