It’s your favorite makeup barista giving you a bomb-ass list of holiday must-haves, that when relatives ask what you want you can just send them this list!


1. Jeffree Star Alien Palette

Call me biased, but I live for Jeffree Star. His palettes and formulas are rich in color and stay power. I love this particular palette because it is absolutely made for us brown-eyed beauties. It is a tich expensive as $52, but I would say it is worth it if you are an experimental make-up wearer.


2. Fenty Holiday lipsticks

Rhianna has changed the makeup game ever since she has released Fenty. Her holiday line “snow daze” has left me wanting more 80s inspired frosted lips. At $36 per set of three, you will be killing this winter season.

3. Fenty Holiday Palette (highlighter)

The queen of highlighter brought us the most daring highlighter colors yet. I absolutely love the intensity of the color in all skin colors as well as the versatility. If you don’t want your cheekbones glowing like a lighthouse, use this palette for eyeshadow or body glitter. It may be pricey at $54, but the ways to wear this palette are endless.


4. Morphe 35V Stunning Vibes Artistry Palette

I have been a little late to the Morphe game. However, I fell in love as soon as I swatched this palette. At $24 this is a steal for long-lasting color and is a perfect gift for anyone starting their makeup obsession or those who can’t say no to purples and blues.


5. Urban Decay Naked Cherry Palette

Urban Decay’s Naked palette has become a classic in the makeup world. As the trend of nude eyeshadow is fading away (thank God) we are led into a world of vibrant colors and daring looks. For those easing into the more daring looks, this palette is perfect. At $49, it is a bit of an expensive gift for those starting out in makeup, but a sure-fire gift for the makeup addict in your life.


6. Tarte Sweet Escape Palette

Tarte was the very first palette I got myself. The mermaid palette will always have a place in my heart, but this new holiday palette has it all. It is definitely worth the $50 as it is a perfect beginning step for those in your life, as well as the pigmented shadows with daring neon blue and taupe.


7. Bliss Mask for More

This particular set is not particularly limited to the holidays. I recently bought this, and I want 20. This $20 set gives you four medium-sized masks and three suggestions for different skin types. If you worship masks like me (I do them twice a week) this is the set for you each bottle has a completely different job that allows for a tube for every skin type and problem and the ability to buy the bigger bottle of your favorite one. The best part is that each mask has glitter!


8. Huda Beauty The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette

Huda always comes in clutch with desert and jewel tones. This holiday season they changed the game with a “nude” palette. It is not your traditional nudes because this is Huda Beauty and gave us a palette of pinks and reds. This is one of the most pricey items at $65, but it is totally worth the price. I swatched it, and it stayed after I forgot and realized the morning after and had to wipe it off with makeup remover.


9. Benefit Cosmetics Magical Brow Stars! Blockbuster Brow Set

Benefit is probably one of the cutest brands out there. The vintage designs are a perfect addition to your makeup collection. This brow set is priced at $60 but has all the tools to make your eyebrows on fleek.


10. Fenty Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color

As you can tell, I live for Rihanna's makeup line. Her $26 lipstick is my life as it stays on an entire day, and since it is the holidays, it is that “red-lipped classic thing that you like” time. Be sparing with it as its strong formula will bleed if you put too much on. Check out the gif below for how I put my lipstick on! Also, stay tuned for a video and walkthrough for three holiday makeup looks from me!


All images were taken from the company’s website or Instagram.

Xoxo Gabriella 💋