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Sasha Arijanto ’14

When she’s not online shopping (where else can you score amazing colorblock Giusseppe heels?!), hanging out with her Alpha Phi sisters, you can find this entertainment enthusiast in the Daily office as the Managing Editor of Intermission.  Read on as Her Campus sat down with Sasha to find out about her interview with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and other amazingness!

How did you get involved with The Daily?
I was too scared my freshman year to try to get involved because I had very little experience with journalism, but then I went to the Daily 101X which is the Daily’s open house, and became a fellow for Intermission, the arts and entertainment section. Lauren Wilson who is an insane and awesome, dedicated editor was really supportive of the kooky things I wanted to do and I just became obsessed! I love what I’m doing with The Daily, and seeing other writers and photographers getting excited really keeps me going when I have midterms, and papers and articles.

What experience do you have in entertainment news and writing?
Before The Daily, I considered my handful of academic classes and my extensive knowledge of Gossip Girl as my only experience. Now, I’ve gotten to go to tons of concerts and film festivals, watch movies and interview my heros. I recently interviewed Joseph Gordon-Levitt, which of course all of my girlfriends swooned over, but I also got to talk to Rian Johnson, who directed “Brick” which is one of my all time favorite movies. I was geeking out so hard I was worried I wouldn’t be able to ask my questions!

This summer, I also worked for Warner Bros. Television, and now I’m even more torn about what I want to do in the future, because Television and marketing and development are all so appealing to me.

Do you plan to pursue entertainment after Stanford? 
Yes! It’s been my dream since 14 to work for GQ in some capacity — being a writer or an editor, I would die! But I also would love to work in development and I’ve been oddly wanting to try standup. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I’m trying not to make plans, but in 5 years, I hope my closet is bigger than at Stanford.

What’s your favorite TV show? 
My favorite TV show, is impossible to decide. But right now with all my favorites on hiatus, I’m most juiced about the final season of Gossip Girl and the next half of Breaking Bad. Two shows that have a LOT more in common than people realize.

Gary Oldman

Felicity Huffman, Transamerica is to die for.

Favorite red carpet moment?
I don’t know if this is truly red carpet, but when Adrien Brody macked on Halle Berry, too memorable to quit!

Biggest red carpet disaster?
Poor MJ, when he thought Brittany Spears was presenting him with Artist of the Millenium when it was just his birthday…

What else are you involved in on campus?
I’m in the Chappie, and Alpha Phi, and I do schoolwork in between. 

Allison is the Her Campus Correspondent at Stanford University, majoring in Communication (and maybe Art History!). She is working her way up the magazine ladder in New York City with an editorial internship at InStyle Magazine under her belt.  Originally from Windermere, FL, Allison spends her free time watching football, devouring sweets and online shopping. You can follow her on Twitter at @allisonotis and on Pinterest! 
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