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Rain Gear to Make You Stand Out

How NOT to Fall into the Black-North-Face-Jacket-and-Uggs Trap:
Rain Gear to Make You Stand Out!
An all too familiar story: It’s 9 a.m. on a Monday, and you’ve got a bunch of things to turn in. With a quick glance at the window, you notice Stanford has gone from the happiest, sunshiniest place to a drizzly cold maelstrom of grossness. Rain is no fun unless you can stay indoors, bundled up with hot cocoa and Netflix. But, skipping is NOT an option when you are determined to turn in that 15-pager. Instead, you suit up and head out the door.
In light of the weather taking a rather frigid turn, and for the love of procrastinating, here are some super cute options for warding off the elements as we head for cooler, rainier months!
Splurge:  Rainboot Wedges

I’m undecided on this trend, but needless to say, it’s nice to see raingear getting a couture boost. I mean, heels + puddles isn’t a really good combination, but for those of you willing to splurge on the new trend and defy the laws of…physics? (I don’t know, I’m not a techie), definitely give this trend a go. Hunter, Marc Jacobs, and Ferragamo are all advertising styles from $175-$330.
Steal: Marc by Marc Jacobs, $28 Rainboots
These are by far one of the best-kept secrets of the vintage-inspired designer. Yes, you read that right—for $28 dollars you can grab a pair of classic, brightly-colored Marc Jacobs rainboots! The catch? These babies are an IN-STORE ONLY deal, unavailable at other retail stores or online. As an added bonus, the calf circumference is a bit more generous for you fit ladies with legs. So, next time you’re in the City, drop in and grab a pair (or 3) before they all go!

Necessity: The North Face “Venture” jacket, $99


When it gets cold here in Sillicon Valley, North Face and UGGs quickly become the uniform of choice, with people usually opting for black jacket over any other color. However, I encourage you NOT to go in this direction (I am guilty of this quite often, too), and instead take a look at the new line of Ventura jackets that feature beautiful, vibrant colors, bringing some “pop!” to the drab outdoors. With colors like “pink pearl,”  “octopus blue” and “bastille green,” you’ll certainly have something to smile about as you brave the elements. 

Just because: Juicy Couture Watercolor Dot Umbrella, $48

There’s not much to say about an umbrella, but this sweet little accessory adds an element of playfulness to your rain armor. It almost looks as if it has been covered in Candy Buttons!

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